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American and Korean music.

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Q: What is Koreans favorite music?
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What type of music do the Koreans listen to?

Korean music

What type of music does Koreans listen to?

the type of music anyone listens to has nothing to do with ethnicity or race. Koreans are not subjected to one type of music.

What is Korean music?

Korean music is music made by Koreans it is also tradition ,festivals ,celebrations and ceremonies that include traditional music

Can Koreans understand J-pop music?

i guess, if they know japanese that is :)

What is Korean favorite food?

Koreans favorite food is called kimchi, cabbage with spice, tastes good

What are the Koreans favorite color?

Koreans are people too, so it depends on every person...... but their flag colors are black white blue and red?

What do the Korean people love?

Koreans love art, literature, and music. They in fact have quite a history in terms of art and literature. They love music so much that it isn't uncommon to find a musician, especially a pianist, of Korean ancestry. Koreans love fresh, healthy food. They in fact have many recipes that they like to try out at another favorite: celebrations of family events, holidays, and national events. And Koreans love their national heritage and their national language.

How do you say my favorite music is country music?

You say "My favorite music is country music."

What is Daniel Radcliffe favorite music?

what is his favorite music

What were Artemis favorite music?

what was artemis favorite music

What are the Koreans' favorite food?

Kimchi and rice are both very popular foods in Korea.

What was Edmund Randolphs favorite music?

His favorite music was bock.

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