What is Lagniappe?

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It is a Cajun term meaning, generally, "give a little extra." In practical terms, it is like the Baker's dozen, which is really 13.

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Q: What is Lagniappe?
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How do you pronounce lagniappe?


Cajun for a little something extra?


How do you say 'lagniappe' in English?

Lagniappe - pronounced 'lanny-yap', according to Mark Twian - meaning a little something extra, given for good measure, comes to English from Spanish (la ñapa - 'something that is added') by way of Louisiana Regional or 'Cajun' French, and may have ties to the Quechua word 'yapay', meaning to increase or to add.There is no direct, single-word translation into 'standard' English, but the word itself is included in most dictionaries of English, and especially North American English... So you could say the way to say 'lagniappe' in English is 'lagniappe'.

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How do you use lagniappe in a sentence?

It means a little something thrown in for free, typically a small gift from a merchant to a customer. Seems to have found a home in New Orleans. Pronounced as lanny-ap. I purchased 4 bottles of wine, and the merchant placed a folding corkscrew in the bag, smiled and said "Dat's fo lagniappe."

What origin language is Lagniappe from?

In our area, the term is used by the "Cajun" [Arcadiene-French] people. I suspect that the actual origin of the word is French. Although I do not know the literal translation, in our area, the general meaning of the term is "something extra," or "a bonus."

What is a hard word to spell?

There are lots of them out there, but a good one is lagniappe, because it is pronounced 'lan-yap'. But one of my favorites is: 'hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia', which is, ironically, the fear of long words. I've always liked 'onomatopoeia' because of the four consecutive vowels at the end of the word.

What is a synonym for the idiom 'the icing on the cake'?

For a synonym for "icing on the cake," meaning an extra benefit, we could use "gravy," or "a bonus" or the beautiful Creole ( from the Quechua via Spanish ) word "lagniappe," pronounced lan-yap. That's just the cherry on the Sundae.

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