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What is Latin for secret love?


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Aer'oj Hoecint is latin for secret love.


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Accoltus or Arcanus mean Secret in Latin

Occultus or Arcánús are the Latin translations for Secret.

Do you love me in Latin is ama me.

"Forever in love" in Latin is "in perpetuum amor"

Secret love could be translated as "amour caché" or "amour secret".

it means about secret crush or secret love..... -> A person who is totally in love with you but you do not know who it is.

How you say I love in latin is "amo" which means I love.

Amo (it has a macron placed over the o) means I love. Ama means love in Latin.

Love in Latin is diligo, dilectio, or amor. ~Answered by Eva

i love you is called 'te amo' in latin and 'i love chi' in welsh i love you too is called 'i love chi hefyd' in welsh and 'te amo etiam' in latin

"I love you" in Pig Latin is, I Ove-Lay Ou-Yay.

Amorem is the Latin noun for" love", amo is the Latin verb "I love"(Ego) amo(tu) amas(*ei) amatamamusamatisamant

amo - I love, amare - to love

The Latin Translation for the word secret.. As a noun, secretum, absconditum, celatum, conmissum and tacitumAs an adjective, secretus, occultus, latens, arcanus, and intimus.

Pig Latin for 'I love you' is 'I-ay ov-lay oo-yay'.

amare is to love amor is love and amor tuus is love you

the secret is he\she does not love u!!!!!

what love ...... love is a game guys ....

Magnitudo. Gotta love Latin.

Valentino in Latin means "love".

The Latin language is mostly used for scientific names. The phrase of 'love of God' is translated in Latin as 'Amor Dei'.

The English phrase "angel of love" has a very obvious Latin translation. In Latin it becomes the phrase "Angelus ex amore".

We love/ we do love/ we are loving

You (sing) love = Amas You (pl) love = Amatis

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