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I believe that it is somewhere in the area of $50 an hour, + benefits. They have an exceptional annuity, somewhat good health benefits, and decent pension. They also get payed extra money for eating in the hole, travel pay based on how far into the heading they are working, bonus for not missing any days, vacation pay, and a couple of more extras. Overall they have a good compensation package and is well deserved for there hard work under extreme conditions.

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What is a carpenter's average pay rate?

depends on local union scale of pay

What is the union pay scale for local 399 in Chicago?

43.50 an hour

What is IBEW Local 424 pay scale?

more than clac

What is IBEW Local 640 pay scale?

13.76 as a apprentice first year..

What is pay-scale for laboratory assistant as per AICTE pay-scale?

Pay scale for physical director in polytechnic

Army pay scale in 1966?

what was the army pay scale in 1966

Cbse pay scale for PGT teachers?

Pay scales are: PGT Pay Scale 9300-34800, Grade Pay 4800 TGT Pay Scale 9300-34800, Grade Pay 4600

What is the pay scale of DIG in CPMF after 6th Pay commission report?

equal to the pay scale of brigadier

What are the jobs offered after 'o' level and the pay scale for it?

pay scale

What is the new aicte pay scale for lab assistant?

technical assistant pay scale

What is union pay scale for laborer in Omaha Ne?

Laborer pay scale in Nebraska

Pay Scale Of A Pro Soccer Player?

the pay scale of a soccer player can be anything from 25000$ to 300,000$, depending on the type of player! the better you are the higher is the pay scale!

How many military ranks are there?

none PrivateE-2PV2Private 22011 Pay ScaleE-3PFCPrivate First Class2011 Pay ScaleE-4SPCSpecialist2011 Pay ScaleE-4CPLCorporal2011 Pay ScaleE-5SGTSergeant2011 Pay ScaleE-6SSGStaff Sergeant2011 Pay ScaleE-7SFCSergeant First Class2011 Pay ScaleE-8MSGMaster Sergeant2011 Pay ScaleE-81SGFirst Sergeant2011 Pay ScaleE-9SGMSergeant Major2011 Pay ScaleE-9CSMCommand Sergeant Major2011 Pay ScaleE-9SpecialSMASergeant Major of the Army2011 Pay ScaleW-1WO1Warrant Officer2011 Pay ScaleW-2CW2Chief Warrant Officer 22011 Pay ScaleW-3CW3Chief Warrant Officer 32011 Pay ScaleW-4CW4Chief Warrant Officer 42011 Pay ScaleW-5CW5Chief Warrant Officer 52011 Pay ScaleO-12LTSecond Lieutenant2011 Pay ScaleO-21LTFirst Lieutenant2011 Pay ScaleO-3CPTCaptain2011 Pay ScaleO-4MAJMajor2011 Pay ScaleO-5LTCLieutenant Colonel2011 Pay ScaleO-6COLColonel2011 Pay ScaleO-7BGBrigadier General2011 Pay ScaleO-8MGMajor General2011 Pay ScaleO-9LTGLieutenant General2011 Pay ScaleO-10GENGeneral2011 Pay ScaleSpecialGAGeneral of the Army

What is pay scale for laboratory technician in pharmacy college?

pay scale of pharmacist in U.P. govt.

What is the new AICTE pay scale for polytechnic workshop instructor?

pay scale for machineshop instructor

What is the pay scale of D.O in L.I.C?

DO are 2nd class officers .pay scale of DO is 11535-28565.

What are examples of global local continuum?

A notion that what happens at a global scale affects what happens at a local scale.

What is the pay scale for NT-4?

NT 4 pay scale is based on GS-11/12 pay scale. Your experience will determine the amount of pay and where you fit on the pay band. NT's do not have steps like the GS system.

What is the pay scale of Junior engineer in CPWD?

for degree holder junior engineer initial pay scale in six pay comission

What is the pay scale for soldier in territorial army of India?

Indian territorial army monthly pay scale

Himachal pradesh teachers new pay scale?

what is pay scale of Drawing Teacher in Himachal pradesh

What is the pay scale for a registered nurse?

The pay scale of any registered nurse is very good indeed .

Show 5th Punjab pay commission report?

Report of proposed revised pay scale Report of proposed revised pay scale

How is local revision different from global revision?

Local revision is on a smaller, sentence-level scale.

What is the scale and grade pay of cisf inspetors?

Pay scale of cisf inspector is 9400 - 3910 and the grade pay is rs. 4600 according to 6th pay commisssion