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Lucas feels shocked and horrified by Amy's trick in gore. He may also feel betrayed or angry at her for playing such a disturbing prank.

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Q: What is Lucas' reaction to Amy's trick in gore?
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What is the climax in the short story Gore?

The climax of the story is when you are waiting to see if Lucas will fall for Amy's trick and come out.

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"Gore" is about two twins. Unlike any other twins, they are very different. For examples, Lucas, the male twin, is a lot healthier, atletic, faster, and stronger than Amy, who is the twin sister. One day, while they parents were out grocery shopping, Amy was reading a book and Lucas comes out of nowhere and steals the book from Amy and runs to the bathroom. Since Amy is not as aggressive as Lucas, she has to come up with another way. So, she comes up with a plan that will physiologically trick Lucas. She pretends that she opens the door and lets in three unknown strangers who are wearing masks over their heads. Then, she pretends as if she is about to be abducted. After a while, Lucas finally gets assured that Amy is in trouble and needs his help. So, he comes out of the washroom in order to save Amy. While he does that, Amy hides behind the door as it opens, jumps up, and locks herself in the washroom and begins to read her book found lying inside.

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