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What is Madagascar's land area in square feet?

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16.212 trillion square feet.

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Kenya's land area is 6,126,171,740,000 square feet.

Georgia (country) has a land area covering 750,244,527,000 square feet.

1,350,262,425,600 square feet of total area. (land & water)

thet total area is 1234556 feet square feet

Michigan has a land area of 96,716 square miles or 2,696,300,000,000 square feet. It is ranked eleventh among all 50 states in total land area.

Assuming that three lengths indicate the plot of land is triangular, the area is 3550 square feet.

There area 43,560 square feet in once acre of land.

2,800 square feet. Multiply length by width - the result is the area in square feet.

The area of 0.49 acres are 21344.4 square feet.

South Carolina has a total area (land and water) of 892,303,948,800 square feet.

France has a total area (land and water) of 6.92579059 × 1012 square feet.

An acre is a unit for measuring area (usually land area). It is equal to 43,560 square feet.To say 'square acre' really has no meaning, unless you're referring to a 'square shaped' piece of land which has 43,560 square feet area (it would be a square with each side 208.71 feet)

The area of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is 426,371 sq miles. There are 27,878,400 sq feet in a square mile The area in square feet is 27878400 x 426371 = 11,886,541,286,400 sq ft

One acre of land is an area of land which measures out to 43,560 square feet. It can be in any geometrical shape, but if it were square, it would measure about 208.71 feet on each side.

Michigan comprises a total area (land and water) of about 2.7 trillion square feet. (2,698,907,904,000)

"Square feet" is a unit of area measurement; "feet" is a unit of linear measurement. A square piece of land measuring 1 foot by 1 foot has an area of 1 square foot. (1 foot times 1 foot = 1 x 1 foot2 = 1 foot squared, or 1 square foot.) For larger square or rectangular pieces of land, multiplying the length in feet times the width in feet will tell you how many 1' x 1' squares of land there are, which is the number of square feet of land. Example: A residential house lot, rectangular in shape, measuring 40' across the front and 60' front to back, has an area of 40' x 60' = (40 x 60) ft2 = 2400 square feet. An acre of land contains 43,560 square feet. If that acre were square in shape, it would measure 208.71 feet on a side.

The land area of Australia is 7,682,300 sq km

The area is 180 feet times 480 feet = 86400 square feet. 86400 square feet are 1.983471 acres.

An acre is a measure of area, so the 'feet' in an acre must be square feet, another measure of area. An acre can be any shape you can imagine, but always contains 43,560 square feet. There are 640 acres in a square mile, by the way.

Area is defined as Length times Width 1 Acre (43,560 square feet) is a piece of land whose Length times Width is 43,560. Or if we take the square root of 43,560 we get 208.7 In other words if a piece of land is 208.7 feet on one side and 208.7 feet on another side this would be 43,560 square feet. So if area is 5 square acres. picture a tract of land that is 208.7 feet by 1043.5 (5 X 208.7) feet.

23 acres is an area of land equal to 1,001,900 square feet or 0.04 square mile.

The Philippines has a total land area of 5,197,091,328,000 ft2

A floor or piece of land with an area of 3,484,800 square feet and width 100 feet,is (3,484,800 / 100) = 34,848 feet long = 6.6 miles long

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