What is Max in Japanese?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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最大限 (saidaigen) or 最高限度 (saikougendo) are the Japanese words for "Maximum". If you mean the name "Max", it is マックス (makkusu).

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Max would be 'Makkusu' in Japanese, written: マックス

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Q: What is Max in Japanese?
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How do you spell the name max in Japanese?

That would be Makusu.

Who is the boy who play max in dinosaur king?

Max Taylor was voiced by Megumi Matsumoto(Japanese), and Veronica Taylor (English). Both of the voices are women.

How old is Max Gail?

Changmin Max (MAX) is 29 years old (birthdate: February 18, 1988).The Japanese female band MAX split off from the Super Monkeys in 1995.

How do you say I am Max ' in Japanese?

Among various other ways, you may simply say "Watashi ha Makkusu desu."

How long can Pokemon nicknames be?

It is allowed to be up to 12 characters long max and 6 characters max in Japanese and Korean. If you like to have a long name, you'll have to shorten the name or do not add a space, numbers, or special characters.

Can action replay max for the US ps2 play Japanese games?

You can if you have the Evo Evolution version, which is the $70+ version. The cheaper versions won't work.

How do you say 21 to 30 in japanese?

juich,June,juson,juchi,jugo,jurokyo,jusichi,juhonchi,juku,juju by max laurie and Zach dewardner

Where does the d team live in dinosaur king?

Believe it or not, Max, Zoe, and Rex live in Japan, due to the fact it's an Anime! So they're Japanese! In fact, that was also shown on their dinoholders!

Who is max the mighty?

Max the Mighty is what Worm calls Max in the book, therefore it is Max

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Max and Ruby - 2002 Max's Thanksgiving Max's Pretend Friend Fireman Max was released on: USA: 26 November 2003

How Do You Say ' I Love You Max ' in Japanese?

The sentence "I love Max" would be translated as マックスのことが大好き (makkusu no koto ga daisuki) in Japanese. You may also add the honorific くん (kun) after the name マックス (makkusu) to give the sentence a bit more authenticity.

Does max from max the mighty die?

Max does not die