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Medicaid is known by different things in different states. For example in the state of Maine, it is known as Mainecare, and in the state of California as Med-Cal. Medicaid is a government funded health insurance program.

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Q: What is Medicaid known as?
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What is the gap in medicaid coverage known as?

It is known as a donut hole.

What are Social Security Medicare and Medicaid known as?

"Entitlement Programs."

Who controls Medicare?

Medicare is administered by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, also known as CMS.

Does Medicaid cover eye exams?


Is evercare Medicaid?


What formerly known government agency HCFA is now called what?

The HCFA is now the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

What steps should be taken to verify a patient's medicaid eligibility?

Verify the identity of the person claiming medicaid coverageVerify eligibility and coverage for the presented medicaid number whether the medicaid card is valid or if a managed medicaid insurer has been selected.

Is Effexor covered by Medicaid?

I have Medicaid & was prescribed Effexor XR & Medicaid did pay for it.

Can you charge a Medicaid patient if Medicaid does not cover procedure code?

No providing you are a credentialed provider with Medicaid

How can I apply for medicaid?

“How can I apply for medicaid”

Who is in charge of Medicaid?

Medicaid is administered jointly by federal and state governments. State participation in Medicaid is voluntary, and all states have chosen to offer Medicaid coverage to their residents

Is Medicaid accepted in walk-in medical clinics?

Each Medicaid provider has the option of accepting or rejecting Medicaid.

Where do you pay back for Medicaid?

There is no requirement to repay Medicaid. However, if you wish to do so, contact the Medicaid agency.

Does tx medicaid cover braces after medicaid expires?

The patient must be Medicaid eligible on the date of service.

What are the names of businesses in every state that offers Medicaid?

Businesses do not offer Medicaid - States administer Medicaid.

Can you bill medicaid patient if you are not enrolled in medicaid?

If you did not accept the patient as a Medicaid patient, you may bill the patient.

How do you apply for retroactive medicaid?

Retroactive Medicaid eligibility may be available to a Medicaid applicant who did not apply for assistance.

If you were ever a Medicaid patient and lost it does the doctor have to honor the Medicaid allowed amounts?

A doctor or other provider who accepts you as a Medicaid patient (i.e., agreed to bill Medicaid for your care) is required to accept Medicaid's amount as payment in full. (However, you might have a co-pay.) In Illinois, a provider who accepts you as a Medicaid patient cannot demand payment from you if Medicaid does not pay due to the doctor's failure to bill Medicaid timely and properly. Your State might have a similar rule.

When and why was Medicaid started?

Medicaid was started in 1965

How can you obtain a copy of a Medicaid explanation of benefit?

Medicaid does not ordinarily issue EOBs, but you could contact your Medicaid caseworker about this.

How would i transfer New Jersey Medicaid to FL Medicaid?

There is no automatic transfer of eligibility from one state to another. You cannot receive Medicaid in more than one state at the same time; so, you will need to terminate your Medicaid coverage in NJ. Get a letter from your NJ Medicaid office to that effect that you can give to the FL Medicaid office when you apply there.

If you marry someone getting medicaid will you get medicaid?

If you and your spouse have a child together, you may receive Medicaid as a family if you meet the other eligibility requirements such as citizenship and income. Otherwise, you will have to qualify for Medicaid as an individual.

Can you bill a Medicaid patient for the Medicare deductible?

In Illinois, a provider who accepts a patient as Medicaid cannot bill that patient for anything for which Medicaid would have paid had the provider timely and properly billed Medicaid.

What Medicaid does not cover?

Medicaid varies by state. You may contact your state Medicaid office concerning coverage for specific procedures.

Can i get Medicaid if I'm working?

It depends on the specific category of medicaid and other factors. Contact your state's medicaid division for specifics.