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μέδουσα (medusa). That is its (hers) whole name.

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Medusa's roman name was Medusa. Her name was the same, but in latin, it was rondanini.

medusas sistyers were myths and there names were ilindiabe and perpesadeliat and trantilaconrat.

Las jaleas son carnívoras, se alimentan de plancton, crustáceos, huevos de peces, peces pequeños y otras medusas. Las medusas son carnívoras.

Medusa did not have a job.

Pegasus and Chrysaor by Poseidon.

Medusa never married.

It is a false belief that corals spend their adult lives as medusas. Corals spend their adult lives as polyps.

she alwayslooks beutifal she a skae head

if you look at her you die

to turn people into stone.

well i can tell it not medusas pants

Medusa is vengeful and nasty.

he killed it with medusas severed head

she was beautiful and then became ugly

Phorcys and Ceto Ceto and Gorgon Poseidon and Gorgon

yes yes they are have you ever heard of weeping anfels

She cutted it from her shield and ate it. TRUE FACT!

No, he ships it to Mount Olympus.

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