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What is Mexican food a mix of?

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mole mole mole

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What ingerdients do they have in Mexican food?

There are lots of ingredients in Mexican food it depends on what kind of Mexican food it is. == ==

Is Mexican food spicy?

Most of it is.You know if Mexican food is not spicy then it is not Mexican food.

What is the Mexican food group?

Mexican Food is a cooking style not a food group. Mexican food items fall into all of the food groups.

Is Jenifer Lopez Mexican?

Jenifer Lopez is a mix she is Mexican and Latino.

What type of food do the Mexican eat?

Mexican food

Is Mexican food a native food of Colorado?

No it is not from calorado Mexican food is from Mexico

Which do you prefer Mexican food or Italian food?

Mexican food is my favorite at the moment.

What some Mexican food?

Tacos,Buretos are Mexican food

Is pizza Mexican food?

yes pizza is a Mexican food.

What are Mexican food?

Mexican food is foods that are of Mexican origin. They tend to have exotic or spicy flavors.

Is Selena mix with Mexican or full Mexican?

Selena Quintanilla was an American singer. Her parents are of Mexican-American descent..

Does Demi Lovato likes Mexican food?

well, if she is half Mexican, then she might like Mexican food.

Is nachos a mexican food or american?

Nachos are an American food. It is believed to be Mexican because they are Mexican inspired.

What do you get when you mix a Mexican and a blond?

An interracial couple?

What do you call a Mexican American mix?


What is a Mexican mix person with Creole?

Mexican = nationality, independent of race. You are asking the same as what is a mix of American and Creole? If you mean mestizo + creole = mestizo.

Is Jacob Perez a Mexican?

yes he is he even said he was blackcican a mix of black and mexican

Is roc royal from mindless behaivor Mexican?

no he is mix u mite think he is mexican but not

Are Mexican and Portuguese food similar?

no Mexican food is for Mexicans and portuguese food is for portuguese people

Do all Mexican eat Mexican food?

First of all, you have a misspell, it should say: Do all Mexicans eat Mexican food? And no, not every Mexican eats Mexican food, some are vegeterians, but they eat Italian, American, Arabic, etc, food too..

What is a Mexican food that starts with g?

Guacamole is a Mexican food that starts with "g."

Mexican food is a mix of what types of food?

Mexican food is mainly the foods of its native cultures (beans, corn, tortillas, vanilla, tomato, salsa, avocado, hot peppers, chips, chocolate, etc). After being in contact with the old world, many new things were added into the cuisine, like cheese.

What are the similarities between Mexican food and Chinese food?

Chinese food come from china and Mexican food comes from mexico.

Is joan baez a native American?

No, but she has Mexican in her mix.

What is a Mexican food that starts with e?

Enchilada is a Mexican food. It begins with the letter e.