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It's different from US's.

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Q: What is Mexico's ecological footprint?
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Singapore ecological footprint?

Singapore's ecological footprint is 6.48

How can you find your ecological footprint?

You can find your ecological footprint using this website:

What is a low ecological footprint per person?

which country have the lowest ecological footprint.

What is the lowest contributor to the ecological footprint in the world?

Define: "lowest," and "ecological footprint."

Use ecological footprint in a sentence?

An ecological footprint is a measure of human demand on Earth's ecosystem. An example sentence would be: She recycles because she wants her ecological footprint to be small.

What countries have the lowest ecological footprint?

Afghanistan has the lowest ecological footprint of 0.01 hectares per person.

Why does UAE have the highest ecological footprint?

We use to much energy in the U.A.E so we have the highest ecological footprint.

Name something that could decrease ecological footprint?

Driving less is something that can decrease an ecological footprint.

What is an ecological footprint and how is it calculated?

-A way to determine how much of an impact you have is to determine your ecological footprint. Ecological footprint is a calculation of the total area of land and water needed to supply all of the materials produce

What are the Methods evolved to measure and check environmental degradation?

carbon credit, carbon footprint, ecological footprint and ecological shadow

What actors and actresses appeared in The Ecological Footprint - 2005?

The cast of The Ecological Footprint - 2005 includes: Mathis Wackernagel as Himself - Host

What are some causes of ecological footprint?

Using too many non-renewable resources, because ecological footprint is a measurement of sustainability.

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