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Paris Michael Katherine Jackson (she is his only daughter)

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What is Michael Jacksons Fathers First Name?

Micheal Jacksons fathers name is Joe Jackson

Are Michael Jacksons kids names pillow and Blanket Jackson?

Blanket is a nickname for the youngest child, whose given name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II. Michael called him a 'warm blessing', like a blanket.

What was Shakespeares youngest daughter name?

i dont know his daughters name

What is Michael jacksons monkey name?

It's name is Mr. Bubbles.

What is the name of the Michael Jackson movie?

The Jacksons: An American Dream

Who is the youngest member of The Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson was the youngest of the Jackson 5. Later, when the band left Motown Records, brother Jermaine left the band, opting to say with Motown.After that, the band went under the name The Jacksons, younger brother Randy joined the band, making him the youngest.

Who was the youngest brother of Michael Jackson?

michael's youngest brother's name is Randy

Who is Michael Jacksons dad?

His name is Joseph Walter "Joe" Jackson.

Michael Jacksons new alumbs name?


What is Paris Jacksons middle name?

Paris Michael Kathrine Jackson.

Is Annie are you okay the name of Michael jacksons song?

No, the name of this song is Smooth Crimimal:)*

Obama's youngest daughter's name and age?

The youngest daughters full name is Natasha Moriama Kay Obama.She was born June 10, 2001

What was the name of Michael jacksons monkey?

Michael famously had a pet chimp called Bubbles.His Monkeys name is Bubbles

What is the name of Michael jacksons albino python?

maddona The correct spelling is Madonna

What was Michael Jacksons dads name?

Joe Jackson. And hes still alive.

What is Michael Jackson's youngest son's real name?

His real name Prince Michael Jackson II.

What was George Washington Carver daughters name?

lila and Cindy and the youngest Marie curie

What is Mrs Michelle Obama youngest daughters name?

Her youngest daughter is Sasha (real name: Natasha), who was born in 2001. Her older daughter Malia was born in 1998.

Who is prince screws?

MiChael Jacksons maternal grandfather . The name was changed to Prince Scruse.

What is the name of Michael jacksons lions?

Prince and Paris and one of his lion died named Joseph

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