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Michael's favorite hobbies was super-soaker (water gun), water ballon fights and climbing trees.

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What is Skai Jacksons hobby?

maybe it is dancing and acting

Did Michael Jordan's parents die?

Michael jacksons or Michael jordens?????????

Pictures of Michael Jacksons sisters and brothers?

Just type in,in Google or yahoo Pictures of Michael jacksons sisters and brothers and there you are

What is Michael Jacksons group called?

They were the Jackson 5. Later named The jacksons

What happened to Michael Jacksons glove?

Michael Jackson had several gloves.

What was Michael Jackson's favorite hairstyle?

what was michael jacksons favourite hairstyle

Where was Michael Jacksons home?

Michael Jackson's home was in Gary, Indianna.

What is Michael Jacksons Fathers First Name?

Micheal Jacksons fathers name is Joe Jackson

What is the religion in Columbia?

Michael jacksons religion!

Who was Michael jacksons boyfriend?

Nobody, he was straight.

Who is jannett Jackson'?

Michael jacksons sister

Who is Michael jacksons girlfriend?

He is single at the moment.

How old are Michael Jackson's mom and dad?

Michael jacksons mom is 79 Michael jacksons dad is 80

Michael Jacksons nanny was grace who?

Michael Jackson's nanny was grace rwaramba.

Are all the Jacksons dead?

No. Only Michael Jackson is.

Was any one there when Michael Jackson died?

yes Michael jacksons doctor was there when he passedaway.

What is Michael Jacksons number one song?

" The greatest hit by Michael Jackson was Thriller

What is Michael Jacksons Favorite Activity?

Michael Jackson's favorite activity to do is a no-brainer... SINGING!

Were Michael Jackson's parents black or white?

Michael jacksons parents were both black..

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