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Q: What is Miley and Becky rosso real age of 2011?
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What is the name of Milly and Becky Rosso's Real Names?

Milly's Real Name is Camilla Rosso and Becky's is Rebecca Rosso

Does Miley and Becky rosso have a facebook?

No. They don't. The Milly & Becky Rosso's don't have facebook. For more proof: ~ If you Have a Stardoll Account, go on Milly and Becky's page and read the bottom of their presentation. Their Real Celebs.

Does Miley and Becky rosso have dyed hair?

No Its real! But they look like bottle blondes cuz they're so tan. :)

What is Miley rosso's favorite color?

Milly Rosso's favorite color is pink. On a interview someone says "in the movie legally blondes you both wear alot of pink. What is your favorite color in real life Milly?" Milly: "I love pink! And in real life I am a London Princess! I also LOVE chihuhuas!"

What is Becky Jackson's real name from glee?

Becky Jackson's real name is Lauren Potter.

What is jessica and janice's real name from the suite life of Zack and Cody?

Camilla Rosso and Rebecca Rosso

Miley girl92msncom is this a msn addi please?

you are real miley? you are real miley?

What is trinas real name in real life?


What is Becky's real name in Kidulthood?

The part of Becky was played by Jaime Winstone.

Is Miley Cyrus real?

Yes, Miley Cyrus is real.

What was Becky real name from roseanne?

The first Becky was played by Lecy Gorenson and the second Becky was played by Sarah Chalke

Who is Miley Cyrus's real morther?

Tish is Miley's real mom

Who is miley real mom?

Trish Cyrus is Miley's real mother.

Do Miley and Becky us there stardoll accounts?

Since there busy stars in real life they don't but the do spend more time on stardoll then any other celeb as far as I know!

What is Becky G's real name?

Becky G's full name is Rebecca Marie Gomez.

Does Becky from corrie really smoke?

becky does not smoke in real life they are herbal cigs she has on set

Where is Miley Cyrus' real mom?

Tish Cyrus is Miley's real mom.

Is Miley Cirus a real person?

Yes, Miley Cyrus is a real person. Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montanna.

Is tish miley cyrus's real mom?

No she is not Miley's real mom.I don't know who her real mom is

What Mexican is from Disney channel?

Becky G is a Mexican from Disney Channel. Her real name is Becky Gomez.

What is Hanna montana's real name?

On the show miley is miley Stewart but in real life her name is Miley Cyrus. she is my fan

Whqat is mileys real name?

Miley's real name is Miley Ray Cyrus.

What coler is Miley Cyrus real hair?

Miley's real hair colour is brown.

What is miley real last name?

Miley's real name is Destany Hope Cyrus

Does miley have a real man equals you or is it miley?