What is NHSTA?

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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Q: What is NHSTA?
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How many teens died in car accidents in the year 2000?

According to this FARS NHSTA report, 7306 persons age 10-20 died in car collisions in 2000.

Will a Jeep Wrangler unlimited rear seat fit in a wrangler?

There are several different ways to add and change seating in the Jeep Wrangler and the Unlimited and the seats can go into the other vehicles. You can use the back seat of the Wrangler to go in a third row of a Wrangler Unlimited though the mounting brackets sold aftermarket from a company that are not NHSTA tested. There is a business called Little Passenger Seats that makes seats for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that will also work for the Wrangler and they have safety tested their product and passes NHSTA regs. The problem with adding and switching these seats on your own are finding and mounting seat belts. That is why Little Passenger Seats is great because the brackets are included and seatbelts come mounted on the seat. Check it out.

Has there ever been any safety issues with a Toyota Rav4?

The toyota Rav4 is one of the current vehicles that is being speculated by the NHSTA for having a faulty gas pedal. The Rav4 Scores very well in crash test studies, and aside from the posible chance that there may be a gas pedel recall there are no major safety concerns with the rav4.

A driver who is stopped by a police officer and has a blood alchol level of .08 or higher at the time of the arrest?

This isn't really a question.. But to guess at where you were going.. The BAC required to be "intoxicated" varies state to state. In Texas, the BAC for driving while intoxicated (DWI) (AKA DUI in many other states) is .08. If you are stopped by a police officer and your BAC is at .08 or higher, in Texas you are guilty of DWI. Conversely, BAC isn't the only way you can be arrested for DWI, because per Texas Penal Code "intoxication" is defined as the loss of normal mental or physical faculties due to the introduction of DRUGS and/or alcohol into ones system. The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests are the standard used nationwide per NHSTA to determine if one is intoxicated, PBTs are just a field tool officer's use and are not admissable in court proceedings.

Can you import Land Rover defender into the US?

Sort of&hellip; Vehicles over 25 years old can be imported into the US without problems, but see below for state issues. These means a 1983 110 is doable but not a 1990 D90. Vehicles less than 25 years old must be imported by a Registered Importer (RI) and this normally requires expensive modifications to comply with NHTSA requirements and must be on the NHSTA's "LIST OF NONCONFORMING MOTOR VEHICLES THAT ARE ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORTATION"<>This means at least some 1993 D110s and some 1997 D90s within a certain VIN range can be brought into the US, but some possible expensive modifications will be required to comply with safety rules for example Having the vehicle meet NHSTA requirements is just one step, you must also meet federal and or local emission rules and this can sometimes require further expensive modifications. If you miss either part of this you will have to either re-export the truck or have it scrapped, you will not be allowed to get it off the docks You still need to find a vehicle with a VIN within the rages indicated and have a RI to import the vehicle and still have to jump through the EPA hoops For California and possibly other states you have another set of hurdles for registering any vehicles built after 1975 - it must go to a licensed lab and be modified to meet emissions regulations for the appropriate year at often very substantial cost There have been some vehicles imported outside these rules as kits or as "rebuilds" of older Series trucks using nothing but the VIN plate, all of which are illegal and will cost you the truck if you get caught. DO NOT DO THIS; the Feds are on to most of these schemes, and there have been some recent seizures of imports from unsuspecting owners - the importer, of course has taken the money and disappeared.

What vehicles are stolen most frequently?

This question is hard to answer since there are so many ways to calculate the most stolen car. Some say the Honda Accord while others say a Toyota Camry and even others say a BMW. Also the results can be skewed according to the number of cars, for example there are more Honda Accords than Lamborghini's produced so the number of stolen Accords will be higher, but the Lamborghini is probably most likely to be stolen. Since there's many ways to calculate the most stolen there are several assosciations that do it and each do it differently. The National Insurance Crime Bureau, NICB for short, rates cars according to their representation in the media, for example a car that is reported most often to the media will be higher on the list. NICB also is not concerned with the year of the car and they don't take into consideration the number stolen with the number produced, thus the results may be skewed. The NICB's top ten list is the following: 1. Toyota Camry 2. Honda Accord 3. Honda Civic 4. Oldsmobile Cutlass/Supreme/Ciera 5. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee 6. Chevrolet Full-Size C/K Pickup Truck 7. Toyota Corolla 8. Ford Taurus 9. Chevrolet Caprice 10. Ford F-150 Pickup Truck For their top 100 here's the link: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA for short, determines the percentage rate of the car being stole by dividing the number stolen by the number manufactered. For example, let's say that 2,000 Honda Accords were stolen and 20,000 were produced, the stolen percentage would be 10%, with this the car would be placed on the list accordingly. The NHSTA also does not take car years into consideration. The NHSTA's top ten list is as follows: 1. Chrysler Town &amp; Country MPV 2. Dodge Intrepid 3. Chevrolet Metro 4. Acura Integra 5. Plymouth Neon 6. Dodge Neon 7. Dodge Stratus 8. Mitsubishi Mirage 9. Suzuki Esteem 10. Chrysler LHS For their top 200 try this link: The CCC Information Services Inc. ranks cars depending on the year the car was made and how often that particular year was stolen. Their top ten list is as follows: 1. 1989 Toyota Camry 2. 1991 Toyota Camry 3. 1990 Toyota Camry 4. 2000 Honda Civic SI 5. 1994 Honda Accord 6. 1994 Chevrolet C1500 4X2 7. 1995 Honda Accord Ex 8. 1988 Toyota Camry 9. 1994 Honda Accord LX 10. 1996 Honda Accord LX For additional information try this link:

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