What is Nat Turner's education?

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Nat Turner was a slave, at a time when law forbade educating slaves. He was able to read and write to some degree, having been self taught, but had no formal education.
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What is NAT?

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What is turner's syndrome?

It is a chromosomal abnormaility characterized by offspring with short stature, lymphoedema, widely spaced nipples, low hairline, low setted ear and obesity. They may not have menstrual period thus may be sterile. Other symptoms may include a small lower jaw, turned-in elbows, a webbed neck, soft up ( Full Answer )

How did Nat Turner's Rebellion cause the civil war?

The Nat Turner Rebellion helped to cause the Civil War because itintensified efforts on both sides of the slavery issue. Southernslave holding states enacted stricter slave codes, andabolitionists intensified their efforts to end slavery. The NatTurner Rebellion was one of the bloodiest slave revolt ( Full Answer )

What is Turner's reagent used for?

Turners solution is an additional chemical etching process. It is used to process obliterated serial numbers from weapons, vehicles, jewelry, etc.

What are serve cases of turner's syndrome?

A severe case of Turner syndrome would be if someone who has many of the characteristics associated with it, especially if these characteristics were the possible problems with the heart, kidney or thyroid.

Turner's syndrome symptoms?

Turner syndrome (sometimes referred to Turner s Syndrome) Turner syndrome -- There are two variations of the Turner's syndrome which effect females. This syndrome is caused by an abnormalities, involving the absence of all or part of one (preset with an XO karyotype), of the two nor ( Full Answer )

What are Nat Turner's Personality Characteristics?

I would say Bravery because he knew what he was risking. Violent because he killed over 160 people. Also I would say sneaky because he hid from the people who were after him for a pretty long time. Hope I helped!! :)

What it Tina turner's net worth?

She is One of the biggest worldwide Stars. She performed with beyonce at the grammys and is an exceptional performer. She is worth approx: £589,000,000

What is Tina turner's net worth?

Tina Turner is a singer, dancer, actress and author whose real nameis Anna Mae Bullock. As of January 2018 - her net worth is estimated between $230 and265 million. Since her accounts are (obviously) private - there'sno way to get a more accurate figure.

How did Nat Turner's death make an impact on African American slavery?

Nathaniel "Nat" Turner (October 2, 1800 -- November 11, 1831) was an American slave who led a slave rebellion in Virginia on August 21, 1831 that resulted in 56 ] deaths among their victims, the largest number of white fatalities to occur in one uprising in the antebellum souther ( Full Answer )

What were the consequences of Nat Turner's Rebellion in Virginia in 1831?

Consequences . In total, the state executed 56 Blacks suspected of having been involved in the uprising. In the bloody aftermath, close to 200 blacks, many of whom had nothing to do with the rebellion, were beaten, tortured and murdered by angry white mobs.. Prior to the Nat Turner Revolt, there ( Full Answer )

What were Nat Turner's accomplishments?

One of Nat Turner's famous accomplishments was his revolt against his slave owner. He got a band of slaves together and they all charged at the owners. It was a time to remember!

Tina turner's kids?

She really has one ..Ronnie Turner but she adopted Ike Turner two other children Ike Jr. and Michael

Tina turner's birthplace?

She was born in Nutbush, Tennesse. And isn't it amazing ever since she left she's only been there once!

Movie about Tina turner's life?

I do not know how to that but if you want to know what happened, It shows her, as a young child, singing in church. She get's kicked out because she sounded like a "White Person" (no offense). She was walking out, and walking home. When she was half way there, she saw her mother Zelma, and sister Al ( Full Answer )

Tina turner's daughters?

ANSWER . Tina Turner does not have any daughters. She only has 4 boy's. She has one from Raymond Hill, a saxophonist from Ike's (Former Husband Of Tina Turner) Rhythm Kings, and one of course, by Ike. The other two boy's were adopted. They were from Ike's previous relationship, they're birth moth ( Full Answer )

What was the impact of Nat Turner's rebellion?

After Nat Turner's Rebellion, there was a widespread fear that a similar revolt would take place. White militias began to form to retaliate against African Americans. Southern slaves passed new laws including prohibiting the education of slaves and free African Americans, restricting rights of assem ( Full Answer )

What happened to Kathleen Turner's face?

She has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for years now. As a result of her altered looks from her arthritis treatment, The New York Times wrote in 2005, "Rumors began circulating that she was drinking too much. She later said in interviews that she didn't bother correcting the rumors because p ( Full Answer )

Where did Ike get Tina turner's name from?

Ike wanted Tina's name to be wild! So just like Sheena of the Jungle, he rhymed Sheena with Tina... Ike also said something about Nyoka, she was the queen or something of the Jungle.

Was Nat Turner's rebellion right?

If you were a white American whose family was killed by Nat's rebellion, no, it wouldn't be seen as right at all. However, if you were a slave whose family's freedom was nonexistent and had to endure atrocities against you, then the rebellion was seen as right and necessary. In modern times, ( Full Answer )

What do symptoms of Turner's Syndrome include?

Symptoms of Turner Syndrome may include any of the following: . Short Stature . Premature Ovarian Failure . Specific Heart problems . Kidney problems . Thyroid problems . Hearing problems and a high number of ear infections during childhood . NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disorder) like behavior . ( Full Answer )

What were the effects of Nat Turner's rebellion on the Northern Beds?

Turner's rebellion demonstrated to the North the level of anger held by the enslaved, as well as the lengths freedom seekers were prepared to go for liberty. Southerners, meanwhile, saw their own vulnerability in the most shocking way possible. Southerners, then, asserted more control over the ensla ( Full Answer )

What is Tina turner's address?

She lives in Küsnacht, in Zurich(canton of Switzerland), but she isn't in the phone book, because she wants to have privacy.

Is turner's syndrome?

Yes Turners is a syndrome.It affects about 1/2500 females and they have only 1 x chromosome. There is a long list of symptoms that some have.

Who is lacey turner's mum?

Lacey Turner's mum is Beverley Turner. Her father is Les Turner and she also has two sistes called Daisy and Lily.

What are medications in turner's syndrome?

Growth hormone to increase adult height. Hormone replacement therapy is begun during adolescence and continued. People with Turner syndrome may also take medication for associated medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and thyroid conditions.

Who are the people who have turner's syndrome?

It is a type of genetic disorder in which females are affected.This happens when they dont have an X chromosome as in the sexchromosome so the resultant will be XO.

Who are nat turner's parents?

Nat Turners parent are Nancy turner and his dads name is not known cause his dad ran away when Nat was born because he couldn't handle a kid with all the jobs he had. : ).

What was Nat Turner's plan to attack whites in Southampton County?

Turner planned to go to Jerusalem, starting on a Sunday night because it would be easier to assemble on the usual Negro's free day, as well as the day that many went hunting for coon or possum allowing them to attract less attention. Turner and his men would then continue on their way invading prope ( Full Answer )

What is Tina turner's favorite color?

Tina Turner's favorite colour is red. This although is speculation considering she is a vampire I would assume she loved the colour of blood.

Where was nat turner's hometown?

Nat Turner lived in Southampton County, VA. This was a rural county, with (at that time) only one town- now known as Courtland VA, at that time it was called Jerusalem.

Why was Nat Turner's work so important?

Nat Turner was an American slave who led a slave rebellion in Virginia, an uprising unprecedented until the American Civil War. Before the Nat Turner Revolt, there was a minute antislavery movement in Virginia and little or no organized resistance; the revolt "marked a turning point in the Black str ( Full Answer )

How old are Timmy Turner's godparents?

Fairies are ageless. There was an episode that showed a thousandyear old flashback & all the fairies looked exactly the same.

Who was Nat turner's mom?

All I know is her first name is Nancy and she was a slave more info on this site : blackrevolution.net/markgpresents/BLKPAGES/BLKPAGES2/NTBIO.html.

Who did slave owners blame for Nat Turner's rebellion?

Slave owners blamed a variety of people, events and things for making Nat Turner's slave revolt possible. Northern abolitionist were immediately blamed. They were accused of distributing abolitionist literature to black preachers, who were also blamed for the revolt. A warrant was actually issued fo ( Full Answer )

What is Timmy Turner's religion?

This is a children's cartoon. The religious persuasion of characters are rarely, if ever, touched upon.

What is the turner's ideas?

I can only assume you mean, "what are the main ideas in The Turner Diaries ". Not having read it, I can only give you an excerpt from the Wikipedia article about that book -- I deleted the footnotes, since I haven't included them, but you can easily read the full article: The Turner Diaries ( Full Answer )

What is Timmy Turner's new pet?

Two-headed pet dragon. Like Cosmo and Wanda the two heads are opposites and keep each others head in check. My source: I work for DirecTV and we got some cardboard standies in this week.

Facts about nat turner's revolt?

Nat Turner's Revolt took place during August of 1831 in SouthamptonCounty, Virgina. Nat led over 70 enslaved and free black in therevolt.