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What is net 13th, 23rd prox 3rd 13th sub

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What is the meaning of the word prox?

Prox means 'in or about the next month'

What prox 45 payment terms?

This is really odd for me to see, usually when a company uses "prox" it's for dates, such as 1-30 (days of the month). From what I've seen however, Prox 45, may mean that the payment is due with-in 45 days of the invoice date. Prox standing for Proximo, which literally means, Of or in the following month {or} in or of the next month after the present; "scheduled for the 6th prox"

What has the author Alfred Prox written?

Alfred Prox has written: 'Die Schneckenbergkultur' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Bronze age

What is Net tenth prox?

Clarification -- prox is a shortned form of the latin proximo, meaning next (not approxmate as is commonly beliexed.) So, Net 10th Prox menas that payment in full is due ON the 10th of the next (proximo) month.

What are fifth third prox payment terms?

Payment is due on the 5th day of the 3rd month following the invoice date. For example, a March invoice would be due on June 5th.

What does Net 30 Prox mean?

The phrase Net 30 prox is used in the accounting field. It means that a buyers payment is due 30 days from the day they receive the shipment.

What does prox 25 mean in pay terms?

prox is short for Proximo, meaning in or of the following month. Generally speaking prox 25 usually means payment is due on the 25th day of the following month. For example, you receive your bill/invoice dated October 15, the payment is due before or on November 25.

What is Net 30th prox?

Net 30th prox are payment terms such that all invoices for a given month are payable in one lump payment due 30 days after the end of the month of invoice

What is net 15th prox?

Due the 15th of the next month after delivery.

Where can one find reviews on ProX Racing Parts?

Reviews on ProX racing parts can be found in many different places. Some of the places to find reviews are: Yahoo! Shopping, Amazon, Proleaw and Motorcycle Supermarket.

What are prox 30 payment terms?


What are Payment terms Net 45 PROX?

45 days from the end of the current month.

What keyboard does Roger Hodgson play?

Roger plays a Korg Triton ProX in concert.

How many syllables in approximately?

Approximately has 5 syllables: Ap-prox-i-mate-ly

What are 5 words with the Latin root prox?

proximity, approximate, approximation, proxy, proximal

What is 2 15th prox net 30 terms?

The term 2 15th prox net 30 terms is an accounting term indicating when payment is due. The payment for this would be that half is due on the 15th of the month and the balance due in 30 days.

What is prox 15?

Any invoices dated during a given month with these terms must be paid by the 15th of the following month. For example; invoices dated August 6, 19, 23, and 31, Prox 15 are all due by the 15th of September.

What is fifth third prox payment terms?

To put this simple.. usually (you can double check with the company) when an invoice is put in these terms it means that the amount owed is due by the 3rd of the following month, but the company is allowing until the 5th to receive payment. This is two extra days before they begin to charge late fees. 5th 3rd prox means you pay the invoice on the 5th day of the 3rd month following receipt of the invoice. The average is 83 days.

What are the four letter words ending in ox?

abox, blox, esox, flox, knox, prox, urox

How long after the first day of your period would you have implantation bleeding?

u would have it for 3 days prox but u have it every month

What is payment terms of 2 percent 15th prox net 25?

Usually 2 % 15th prox net 25 means, if you pay by the 15th of the following month you can take a 2% discount, net 25 means the full amount is due by around the 25th of the month.Many companys offer this small discount to customers to encourage to pay early. 2% may not seem like much, but if you are a company, buying from another company and spending thousands of dollars, 2% can add up to be a HUGE savings.Prox stands for Proximo meaning Of or in the following month

Which emulsifier is used in epoxy resin?

Prox ES 100 available for Allied Impex Corporation Pvt Ltd (Only for Importer) not available for ex-stock.

What is prox 60 payment terms?

A "Prox 60" payment term means that the clock on invoice aging starts at the end of a given month rather than upon actual receipt of the invoice. Example: ACME Widget's AR department invoices customer SlyFox, Inc. weekly for goods and services performed the week before. ACME invoices SFI on Jan 7, 14, 21 and Jan 28. With a Net 60, the invoices would each be due no later than 60 days from the issue date. So, (basically) March 7, 14, 21 and March 28. With a Prox 60, all four invoices are due no later than March 31, because the 60 day payment "clock" for any January invoice doesn't kick in until January 31. Prox 60 is a pretty sweet deal for a buyer. Simplified AP and what amounts to a Net 85 term for early month billing. Because of this, Prox 60 is hard to come by and the savvy business provider will either avoid it altogether or will adjust pricing and other contract terms accordingly. Hope this helps.

In what decade did the great migration begin?

It started in 1775 and continued for 5 years! (prox) I am sure this is right but check it again on wiki or any other information site!

What is an npn?

The is in refrence to a NPN Prox Switch. These types of electrical sensors are widely used in various types of Manufacturing Facilities. Many of these types of manufactures are well known to the manufacturing community such as diect automation, rockwell automation, keyennce and omron to name a few. NPN prox switches are known for there Neutral to positive sensing characteristics, thus having the output back to the controller a neutral based signal.

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