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What is New Zealand famous for?

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New Zealand is famous for its indigenous people, the Maori. Descendents of Polynesian explorers who settled the Pacific Ocean more than 1000 years ago, the Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa - Land of the Long White Cloud. Maori tattoos - often covering the entire face of a male, known as ta moko - are also famous. Opera diva, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa - who sang at Prince Charles of England's wedding to Lady Diana Spencer - is Maori. New Zealand's famous rugby team, the All Blacks, are also famous because they perform a traditional war dance, the haka, before every test match. Oscar winner Russell Crowe has Maori heritage, he descends from the Ngati Porou tribe through his mother's mother.

New Zealand is also famous for its spectacular landscapes.

South Island's scenery consists of plains, fjords, forests, mountains and Fox and Franz Josef glaciers.

North Island is known for its volcanoes and for its geothermal activity.

Many movie productions have chosen to make films in New Zealand, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

New Zealand is also known for sailing and rowing and other outdoors sports and activities.

NZ is also very famous for exports of fish, wool, sheep & lamb, beef, and dairy products.

Some famous New Zealand actors are Karl Urban, Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie, David Wenham, Sam Neil, Anna Paquin and Alan Dale. Peter Jackson, director of Lord of the Rings, is a New Zealander.

Sir Edmund Hillary (the first to climb Mt Everest) was born here. Ernest Rutherford was the first person to split the atom in 1917.

New Zealand was the first place to grant women the vote in 1893 (Kate Sheppard).

The music band Split Enz gained international fame in the 1980's with some members (notably the Finn brothers) later regrouping as Crowded House.

There are many millions of sheep in New Zealand - some ten times the human population which is currently a little over 4 million. In the 1970s and 1980 there were as many as 70-80 million sheep.

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New Zealand is famous for exporting dairy products

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World Famous in New Zealand was created in 1999.

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One famous landmark in the South Island of New Zealand is Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand.

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The Kiwi, a native New Zealand bird, is probably the most famous.

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New Zealand is especially famous for the wine industry. New Zealand also has a large commercial fishing industry and construction industry.

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The most famous limestone caves in New Zealand are Waitomo Caves.

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New Zealand is famous for the dairy farming industry. It depends what region you are in as to what industry that area specializes in.

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There are many famous and good surf beaches in New Zealand.

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There are quite a few famous people from the country of New Zealand. Actor Russel Crowe, actress Anna Paquin, and actor Ken Blackburn are all from New Zealand.

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The Southern Cross. It is represented on the New Zealand Flag The Southern Cross. It is represented on the New Zealand Flag

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New Zealand

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Aoraki/Mount Cook is probably the most famous peak in New Zealand, being the tallest in the country.

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Barry Crump was a famous New Zealand poet/author. One of his most famous books is 'A Good Keen Man".

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Auckland is arguably the most famous city in New Zealand. It has the largest population and most celebrities who go to New Zealand will go to Auckland. However the capital city Wellington, and tourist hotspot Queenstown are also relatively famous.

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