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There is no such thing as a Nintendo 3DS master key. The key that can be used to reset parental locks, was at one time able to be calculated using the reference number the console generated for you. This is no longer possible, and there is no universal key that can bypass the need to contact Nintendo.

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The master key is unique to each device. The only way to find it out is to contact Nintendo with the enquiry number that the 3DS will give you.

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Q: What is Nintendo 3ds parental control master key?
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What is a site that will give you a master key for your parental control Nintendo 3ds?

There is no 'site' that can do it, only Nintendo themselves can reset it, over the phone.

Where do you get your 5 number 3DS master key for your nintendo 3DS?

A person can get their 5 number 3DS master key for their Nintendo 3DS by calling Nintendo direct. A person may also obtain the number through the parental controls setting on the device.

How do you hack the parental control of Nintendo 3ds?

You cannot 'hack' the parental control, and that does not make much sense to begin with. The parental control can be removed with the PIN, or removed by Nintendo after you prove your age.

Is there a way to reset my Nintendo 3ds without a master key?

The parental controls have to be unlocked via the pin, or directly by Nintendo.

What is the right master key 5 nunbers for your Nintendo 3ds?

The master key to 3ds xl can be obtained from Nintendo Support but first you need to register an email for the use with the parental controls will allow you to conveniently acquire a PIN-resetting master key in the event that you forget both your PIN and secret question.

How do you put a password on your 3DS so no one else can use it?

The Nintendo 3DS has Parental Controls that limit the use of online features and changes to the system settings. There is, however, no password that prevents the complete usage of the Nintendo 3DS

Do you Nintendo 3DS come wih a password when you log on Nintendo 3DS?

no you dont need to put password to activate your 3DS in the beginning, you put your own code in the first time you turn on and use you 3DS.

Is Nintendo 3DS LL the same as Nintendo 3DS XL?

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS LL is the Japanese name for the Nintendo 3DS XL

What comany made the Nintendo 3DS?

The Nintendo 3DS is created by Nintendo from Japan, hence the name 'Nintendo' 3DS

Is the Nintendo 3DS from russia?

No the Nintendo 3DS was invented from Nintendo based in Japan. The Nintendo 3DS was Built and put together in ether china or Thailand. The Nintendo 3DS is Japanese.

How do you connect to Nintendo zone on Nintendo 3DS?

update your Nintendo 3Ds

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