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What is Nintendo events?

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Here is a website that explains it

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What are Nintendo Events and how do you do them?

Nintendo Events are events hosted by Nintendo. They happen in the real world. They include E3, Nintendo Fusion Tour, and E For All. You do them by going to the event.

Do local video game shops hold Nintendo Events?

Yes some gameshops hold Nintendo events liken for incence the Nintendo world store in rockerfeller center holds Nintendo events and local particapting gamestops do have events

Where are Nintendo events?

Nintendo events are events which the Nintendo staff distributes special items or Pokemon. These tend to occur in stores like gamestop and toys r us.

Where you do a Nintendo event?

The time and location of Nintendo events will be announced by Nintendo.

How do you get Nintendo Events?

Ask the people at Nintendo World or at Club Nintendo I guess

Can you get Nintendo events for Emulators?

No, you cannot get Nintendo events for emulators. The emulators do not have the feature to connect by link or by Wi-Fi.

What is Pokemon event?

A Pokemon event is an event that you go to to get a special item or Pokemon......they do not have gameboy events anymore....they now have Nintendo ds events or "Nintendo events"

When are Nintendo events?

Nintendo events are dotted around here and there. If it's Pokemon events you're looking for you should keep an eye out on the official Pokemon website.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl What is the point of the mystery gift?

The "Wireless" option is used for real life Nintendo Events and the "Nintendo WFC" option is for Wi-Fi Nintendo events.

Are Nintendo events online?

no there on the game

Where can you get Nintendo Events?

Mystery Gift.

Can you access Nintendo events using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?

No. Nintendo events are events in real life where you can meet other fans. Examples: a special Pokemon download, or a chance to play a game before it comes out.

Will Nintendo redo events?

no im a representitive of Nintendo and we never redo events on the Pokemon games but if you want to find out when they are search Pokemon platinum UK events and go to

What are the Nintendo event's?

Nintendo events are events in real life and in these events you can download whatever Nintendo is sending out whether it's a demo of a new game or something for a specific game such as either special Pokemon or even specific items for Pokemon games.

What is the Nintendo events in Pokemon games?

I'm sorry but they don't have these events anymore

How do you get a Celebi in pokemon leafgreen?

Nintendo events

Are there any Nintendo events in Utah?

Sorry, there is not.

Do Nintendo events still exist?


Were to get a eon tiket in sapphire?

Nintendo events

How do you catch mew in emerard?

Nintendo events

What is Nintendo events in Pokemon FireRed?

Nintendo events are events held by Nintendo at game stores and toys r us when Pokemon movies come out on DVD these events give away Pokemon uncatchable in the Pokemon versions that the event Pokemon can go in Example if the event Pokemon is mew firered, leafgreen, ruby, sapphire, emerald can get it.

How do you get areacus?

Azure Flute from the Nintendo special events

Is there an Arceus in soul silver?

No, only from Nintendo events.

Do they do have Nintendo Pokemon conventions events in UK?

no they don't

Where are Pokemon Nintendo events held in the game where do you go to get the handed out Pokemon?

We don't have Nintendo events in north America but there are events in japan if you want something from an event buy an action replay at walmart for 21 bucks

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