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What is Noah Cyrus screen name for aim?


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Her and her botfriend Justin made a screen name for both of them it is MileyxoJustinxo

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does Taylor swift has an aim or AOL screen name please answer and give me her screen name.

My aim name is Sawzigg My aim name is Sawzigg

Tom Felton has not publicly released a AIM screen name.

The best way to find someone's AIM screen name is to ask them. If they want you to contact them they will give you the screen name.

Yes Nick Jonas does have a screen name it is.... nickjonas1237!!!!! that's nick Jonas's aim screen name i have one 2!!!!

ymabruce878 is his real aim

Rappers DRAKES AIM ISdrakkardnoir1

AIM is AOL Instant Messenger, a chat program on the internet. A screen name is the ID you use for this chat feature.

i have miley's aim screen name. it's: mchurr87 add her, she will prob talk to u!!!! maybe she'll give u chris's screen name.


Santa is not a real person, so he has no AIM.

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go on to Google and type in aim screen name suggestions. they have tons of different ideas that you can personalize your self. umm i need a new aim screem name but i dont have no screem names.

Miranda cosgroves screenname for aim is xoMirandaxo.

Usher Raymonds Real Aim Screen Name Is UsherRaymond4IV ... Have Fun

No, but Selena's is selgomezx0xx

Yes. Joe's screen name is TickleMeJoey

Your aim name, is what you use to log into the service. You also will use the account to chat with other people, and use the AIM dashboard. You MUST have a screen name to use the AIM service.

he does have aim but i am not going to tell you his screen name so back off.!.!.!

Possibly, but WikiAnswers will not give away his screen name for privacy reasons.

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