What is North America shaped like?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: What is North America shaped like?
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Where is located Mexico?

North America, south of the United States. It is the country shaped like a cornucopia.

How have natural processes shaped the land of north America?

Glaciers are the Natural Process that changes North America because glaiers moved over the land and shaped it.

What are some natural processes that shaped the land in north America?

some natural processes that shaped the land in North America wind,water,ice,and slabs of crust.

Is a stop sign shaped like a pentagon?

NO. Most stop signs I have seen in North America, Europe and Africa are octagonal, that is having 8 sides. A pentagon has 5 sides.

What is North of Delaware and shaped like a peanut?

New Jersey

What is the funnel shaped connection between North America and South America extending from Mexico through Panama to Colombia?

a rim land

What geologic processes shaped much of north America?

A. Shaped much of the landscape of New England B. Left large, visible striations in the rock C. Carved out the Great Lakes

What is the animal that has shaped the landscape of North America more then any other animal?


The northernmost state that's shaped like a rectangle?

north dakota

Is a rock shaped like north Carolina worth any money?


What state is north of Delaware shaped like a peanut?

the answer is new jersey

What two continentsa are similar in physical shape?

If you have a malleable imagination, you might say that North America and South America are similarly shaped. You might also say that Australia looks like the continental USA upside down.