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What is Otto Franks middle name?

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What is Otto Franks nickname?

The nick name of Otto Frank was Pim.

What was the name of Otto franks business?


What was the name of Anne Franks dad?

Otto mcfinchyhineser

What was otto franks second wifes' name?

Otto Frank's second wifes' name was Elfriede Frank

What is otto franks full name?

If you speak about the father of Anne Frank it is Otto Heinrich Frank.

What was Anne Franks father's name?

Otto Heinrich Frank.

What is anne franks farthers name?

His full name was Otto Heinrich Frank.

What was annne franks parents name?

otto frank and meloney frank

The name of annes Frank dad?

The name of Anne Franks dad is Otto Frank.

What was Anne Franks fathers name?

The name of Anne Frank's father is Otto Frank.

What is Anne Franks fathers name?

The name of Anne Frank's father is Otto Frank.

What is Anne Franks middle name?

Anne Franks full name is: Annelies Marie Fran.

What was anne franks fathers full name?

Otto Heinrich "Pim" Frank

Can you name a Holocaust survivor?

One survivor was Anne Franks dad Otto Frank

What was Anne franks mother name in the world war 2?

Edith and her dad's was Otto.

What was Anne Frank dad called?

Anne franks dads name was Otto frank

What is Charlie Puth's middle name?

Charlie Puth's middle name is Otto

What is Ann Franks farther called?

His name is Otto Frank, however Anne's "pet name", or nickname, for him is Pim.

What is the first names of Mr Franks and Mrs Franks?

Otto and Edith Frank

What was Mr otto franks wife's name?

1) Edith Holländer 2) Elfriede Geiringer

Anne Franks mother name before she got married to otto?

Anne Franks mother's maiden name was Hollander. Her first name was Edith and she was born in 1900. She married Otis Frank in 1925.

What was Otto Frank's middle name?


What is margot franks middle name?

Margot Betti Frank

What Otto franks job?

otto worked in a bank in Germany but in holand he made jam

What is anne franks mum and dad called?

Anne's mother's name is Edith Hollaender and her father's name is Otto H. Frank

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