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What is PCT?

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PCT simply means "Percentage". PPG - points per game APPG - average points per game 2ptA - 2 point attempt 2ptM - 2 point made!

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What pct of Americans us the internet to buy a used car?

SOme pct us and some pct just me and some pct some on.

What does Pct mean in football standings?

Pct = percentage

What does pct mean in basketball?

PCT means percent/percentage.

What does pct mean in NFL?

'pct' stands for percentage. A quarterback has a stat called 'completion pct' or completion percentage. A team stat is 'winning pct' or winning percentage which is the percentage of games the team wins. Wherever you see 'pct' in stats, it stands for percentage.

What is tax pct?

PCT must be a per cent. I guess 'tax PCT' is a per cent of the product price that you pay in tax

What is a Rossi Model 971 in 357 handgun worth?

Blue book price depending on condition 100 pct $200, 98 pct $160, 95 pct $145, 90 pct $135

What is the value of a mossberg model 46 m rifle?

Depending on condition, Blue Book shows 100 pct $250, 98 pct $225, 95 pct 200, 90 pct $175, etc

How much do a pct make?

I'm a PCT in Oklahoma at a hospital and I started out with $10.75

Study guide for PCT national Exam?

I Want pct national exam question and answer

On the standings page what does pct mean?

pct is the winning percentage=wins/total games

How is Pct figures out in baseball stats?

That depends on what pct it is. For example: fielding pct is put outs+assists divided by fielding opportunities (put outs+assists+errors). Win pct is wins divided by wins+losses. Hope that answers your question!

What is PCT in basketball?

PCT is generally an abbreviation for "percent" or "percentage". For example: FT PCT would be a players "Free Throw Percent"; and so on for Three pointers and Field goals.

What is a PCT in Vision plus mainframe?

PCT is Processing Control Table Yes PCT stands mentioned above - But it defines a set of control tables. where each PCT will point to one Account control table,Insurance Table, Service charge table and 12 Interest Tables. we can PCT at System,org and logo level's simultaneously.

What does PCT stand for in the standings part of the football scores?

pct stands for points carrys and touchdowns average

What is the abbreviation for precinct?


What does it mean pct?

Percent. (%)

What is the abbreviation for packet?


Ruger sp 101 357 mag stainless cost?

List price about $570, used price depends on condition, 100 pct $460, 98 pct $345, 95 pct $270 etc.

What is difference between PCT and DCT?

1.pct means proximal convulated tubule but dct is diastal convulated tubule.

What is PCT in hematology?

PCT in a hematology test means plateletcrit. It is measured in a blood test that is testing the platelets in peripheral blood.

What does pct mean in football?


What does Pct mean in baseball?


What is pct mean is basketball?


What is the meaning of pct?

It is the abbreviation for percent

How do you get certified to work as a pct at a dialysis center?

There is NO CERTIFICATION required for a dialysis PCT. All you need is a high school diploma or a GED.