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Pavel Bure is a famous Russian Ice Hockey player. He won a silver and a bronze metal in the Olympic Games. He is a professional ice hockey player, playing on Russian teams.

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Q: What is Pavel Bure famous for?
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What is the birth name of Pavel Bure?

Pavel Bure's birth name is Pavel Vladimirovich Bure.

How tall is Pavel Bure?

Pavel Bure is 5' 10".

What is Pavel Bure's birthday?

Pavel Bure was born on March 31, 1971.

When was Pavel Bure born?

Pavel Bure was born on March 31, 1971.

What nicknames does Pavel Bure go by?

Pavel Bure goes by The Russian Rocket, and Pasha.

How old is Pavel Bure?

Pavel Bure is 46 years old (birthdate: March 31, 1971).

Where was Pavel Bure born?

Pavel Vladimirovich Bure (Russian: Павел Владимирович Буре; born on March 31, 1971 in Moscow, USSR)

What is the value of Pavel Bure rookie card?


Where does Pavel Bure currently live?

inside fartsville

Pavel bure rookie card worth?

15 dollars

Who was the only canuck to win rookie of the year?

Pavel Bure in 1992

Who are some famous Russian athletes?

Alexander Popov - swimmer Anna Kournikova - tennis player Evengy Plushenko - skater Pavel Bure - hockey player

When did Pavel Bure retire?

2005 in the NHL, he's in the International hall of hockey fame.

How many Stanley cups did Pavel Bure win?

Athough a great player, he never won a Stanley Cup.

What is the going value for a Pavel Bure Pro set rookie card?

You will have to pay someone to take that off your hands

Who are some famous Russian athletes and what sport do they play?

Alexander Popov (Swimming) Evgeny Plushenko (Figure Skating) Pavel Bure (Ice Hockey) Maria Sharapova (tennis) Anna Kournikova (tennis)

How much is a Pavel Bure rookie card worth?

15 bucks aprox...hang on to it until he goes in to the hall of fame.

What is the Most goals in least amount of time in nhl?

Mike Bossy, Pavel Bure and Cam Neely. Ovechkin will likely figure in this in the future.

Steve Yzerman NHL all-star game?

Steve Yzerman and Pavel Bure were beast!! Stevie Wonder was better than Pavel though. Stevie was THE best player in the NHL with Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

What is the birth name of Natasha Bure?

Natasha Bure's birth name is Natalya Valerievna Bure.

What is the birth name of Valeri Bure?

Valeri Bure's birth name is Valer Vladimirovich Bure.

Did wyane gretzky play for the canucks?

Wayne Gretzky Played for the Oilers, Kings and Rangers. He never played for the Canucks. However his friend Pavel Bure DID play for the Canucks

What is the birth name of Bure Litonius?

Bure Litonius's birth name is Bure Johan Hedrik Walter Litonius.

When was Vladimir Bure born?

Vladimir Bure was born in 1950.

How tall is Valeri Bure?

Valeri Bure is 5' 11".