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Pergo is a Swedish flooring product company noted primarily for its laminate flooring products. Pergo invented laminate flooring in the 1970s and began selling laminate flooring in the United States in 1994 under the leadership of then-president Lars von Kantzow. Even though there are many manufacturers of laminate flooring products today, many people refer to all laminate flooring as "pergo". In addition to its laminate products, Pergo introduced hardwood products into the U.S. market beginning in 2004 and will introduce similar hardwood products in Europe in 2007.
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What are the advantages of Pergo flooring?

There are a couple of advantages of Pergo flooring. First of all, please understand that Pergo (a registered trademark) is a laminate, not an engineered wood or a hardwood.. A lot of the Pergo line, although not ALL of it, is manufactured with the foam underlayment already on the bottom of each pla ( Full Answer )

Is pergo good flooring?

That is a question that you will get a lot of different opinions on. I'm going to assume that by Pergo you mean all laminates since Pergo is just one of the brands. The advantages of laminate are that it is inexpensive both to purchase and install, it is a floating float and very easy to clean. Th ( Full Answer )

How do you repair a chip in a Pergo floor?

Sadly, there isn't a lot you can do. If you have the chip you can use a little of epoxy glue to put it back into place. Most likely something will catch it again and take it back up.. I have seen some fillers on the market that try to match the color of the floor. The wood grain will not be there b ( Full Answer )

What floor is mew on?

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What is raised floor?

Computer Floor (also referred to as raised access floor, computer room floor, computer room raised floor, and raised computer floor) is a elevated floor area upon another floor (typically a concrete slab in a building). Computer Raised Flooring has been used in commercial and educational application ( Full Answer )

How do you install pergo floors?

The first step to installing Pergo floors is to lay plywood down asa base. Next, install the foam underlayment. Find the center of theroom. Start at the center of the room and work outward.

Rhymes with floor?

poor, chore, bore, snore, lore, more, there are tons of others, but these are just a few.

How do you repair scratches in pergo flooring?

You don't! We just installed a Pergo floor and it will scratch very easily. It is a very hard surface but it is also brittle so a stone in your shoe could scratch the surface.

Can you stain pergo flooring?

No, Pergo is basically a piece of plastic with a picture of wood on it so if you try to stain it then the graining won't remain plus the stain can damage the protective layer over the image.

Is meily Cyrus pergo?

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Can you use steam cleaner on pergo floor?

Steam cleaners are not recommended for Pergo or laminate floors because regular use will cause the substrate to swell as moisture gets between the seams. This can cause the flooring to buckle and come apart. Steam can be worse than regular mopping this way, because it is more permeable, and can get ( Full Answer )

Why is my pergo floor buckling?

It's possible they did not leave a gap at the walls or it got wet. Could also be moisture coming up through the slab.

Can you apply polyurethane on pergo floors?

No, polyurethane is meant to be applied to a porous surface. Pergo is laminated and has none. Using the product will cause permanent damage.

What do you use to shine pergo flooring?

If the laminate didn't shine out of the box there is no viable option to shine it. Products like Murphy's oil soap only create a mess. The way these floors are constructed they are not easily repaired or modified like hardwood.

How do you remove blood smell from pergo flooring?

This is somewhat perplexing. Pergo is a sealed surface. It has no pores to allow blood to absorb. A good careful cleaning with a laminate cleaner should take care of it. Try using a little vinegar and water to help, but don't use to much water or you can ruin your floor.

What is the use of floors and floor coverings?

Floors are for walking on, supporting other structures, pretty basic stuff. Dirt is and was likely the first flooring material, probably stone(s) came next. Floor coverings do just that, they cover & modify the usefulness of a servicable basic floor. the Hides of the animals we killed & ate & wood, ( Full Answer )

How do you floor someone?

You floor someone by telling them an exciting event that they wouldn't ever imagine in their whole life time.

Can you use mop n glow on pergo flooring?

You can but it isn't going to do much, laminate is designed to have a low luster/Shine and the mop & glow will likely look more streaky than shiny.. you are trying to shine a floor that isn't supposed to shine... It will leave a heavy residue and make the floor look extremely dirty.

What is false flooring?

From the AllExperts Web site: "A false floor is generally speaking about a temporary floor above a storage area. Meaning that only a single layer of flooring covering an accessible area. A false wall is similar to having a door in it. A large single layer wall.....a sliding door, is a false wall." ( Full Answer )

What can you do with your concrete floor?

Concrete floors are highly requested by people for industrialpurpose as well as for home. They are durable, low cost and itrequires very less maintanence. What I have done at my home isconcrete flooring. I maintain it properly. A polished concretefloor just looks stunning. I recently polished the co ( Full Answer )

What are floors made of?

Floors can be made of a number of materials, such as hardwood, stone, ceramic tiles, plywood covered with carpet or laminated or veneer tiles. In homes with concrete foundations the floors are concrete, but are covered with carpet, laminate, or tiles.

How many boxes of pergo do you need to do 200 sq ft room?

It depends how many square feet the style you pick covers. For example a box of one pergo tile style may cover 18.36 sq.ft. Then you would need at least 6 boxes Check out each Pergo specs are on the box and state sq ft coverage

What is an economic floor?

Price Floors A price floor is the lowest legal price a commodity can be sold at. Price floors are used by the government to prevent prices from being too low. The most common price floor is the minimum wage--the minimum price that can be payed for labor. Price floors are also used often in agricult ( Full Answer )

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How do you CLEAN floor?

We can clean floor by applying these methods: Sweep or vacuum the floor daily. his removes loose dirt, food crumbs and other pieces of debris that can accumulate on tile floors. You should also sweep or vacuum the floor before mopping or cleaning it. Run a dry cloth duster or dust mop over the floor ( Full Answer )

What is floor polishing?

Floor polish comes in many varieties, including liquid floor polishand paste floor waxes. Buy specialty floor polishes for differentsurfaces, including hardwood floors, concrete floors, laminatefloors and vinyl-covered floors. Choosing the correct type of floorpolish is important for getting the bes ( Full Answer )

What is Sub Floor?

A subfloor is a base floor for main floor like if you are willing to have under floor heating system then a floor is built first then the main flooring is made so basicall base floor of main floor is subfloor. subfloors are generally made from at least two layers of moisture resistant ('AC' grade, ( Full Answer )

When to capitalize floors?

It should only be capitalized if it forms part of a title or if it's at the beginning of a sentence.

How do you remove wood stain from pergo floor?

Try rubbing it with a rag dipped in Goof Off, it may not get it off quickly, but it won't hurt the floor either. Please post me a message on my board here as to how it worked.

How do you do floor cleanin?

Lots of different types of flooring, wood, ceramic, carpet, linoleum, and many more, each one has it's do's & dont's can't answer a general question with specific instructions. if you have a specific type of flooring re-post or do a youtube search & there will be a video..

Is there a floor polisher for ceramic floors?

Yes, but you should be careful when polishing ceramic tile floors because they can become slippery. You can buy a floor polisher from sites like Amazon or rent them from Lowe's or The Home Depot.

Where is Pergo laminate flooring manufactured?

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What is the answer to floor 12 in 100 Floors?

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How do you do floor 46 on 100 floors?

You have to change each block so the picture on the wall matches the mirror image of the picture on the ground. See related link below for screenshots.

Why does your pergo floor show footprints from bare feet?

Because it's been cleaned with the wrong cleaner. Any oil-based or citrus cleaners or harsh cleaners may streak or leave a film on the floor - and show every footprint. Remember that Pergo is NOT WOOD, even if it looks like wood. It's made of laminate, the same stuff many countertops are made of. Pl ( Full Answer )

What is special about the Pergo floors?

Pergo floors have many advantages over other flooring. It looks like hardwood, but is cheaper and much easier to install. It repeals spills and sun light will not damage the floor.

Where can one get pergo floor?

If one is looking to purchase Pergo flooring it can usually be found at stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot. One can also find this flooring on sites such as Lumber Liquidators and Pergo Online.