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What is Pokemon 134 on Pokemon Diamond?


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Pokemon 134 is Finneon in diamond


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134 is Finneon135 is Lumineon136 is Tentacool

Finneon and it's evolution are numbers 134 & 136. You can fish for them.

134-Finneon 135-Lumineon Happy Playing :-D Dancer_Pokemoner

In the Sinnoh Dex, #134 is Finneon. It can be found on many routes by fishing with the good rod.

134.Vaporeon 135.Jolteon and you have to evolve eevee with a thunderstone or water stone

On the First pokedex 80 is Barboach 134 is Finneon 135 is Lumineon

What KIND of pokedex are you talking about National or Sinnoh Pokemon 134 In National Pokedex is: Vaporeon Water-Type Pokemon 134 in Sinnoh Dex is: Finneon Water-Type

#134 on the Sinnoh dex is Finneon. You can find it on route 218 fishing with a good rod. It evolves in to Lumineon around Lv. 30.

you can find Pokemon 134 on rought 218 you can find Pokemon 134 on rought 218 you can find Pokemon 134 on rought 218

In sinnoh pokedex #134 is finneon.

134 is by using the good fishing rod and fishing for it on route 205. 135 is in a trainer's party on route 223.

Finneon, Lumineon, and Mantyke. For future reference, I recommend this site :)

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