What is Pokemon creepypasta?


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A creepypasta is a creepy/Horror story. So a Pokemon creepypasta is a pokemon horror story.

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No, Bakugan is not a Creepypasta nor there was ever a Bakugan Creepypasta.

Anywhere that allows creepypasta submitions, examples include The Creepypasta Wiki, FiMFiction and DeviantART

No. Creepypasta is a community.The interests related to the Creepypasta community are reading horror stories and writing horror stories.

Yes, though he wasn't originally created by creepypasta.

Mr Creepypasta is a youtuber who reads out tales from the creepypasta site. He became recognised by the site and they offered him a part in one of their games - 'The Theatre'. He voiced the usher with a one line script.

Half and half. Suicidemouse is based off an old unseen Mickey Mouse footage done by Creepypasta.

Because of the Creepypasta.

It is between Slenderman and Zalgo.

Because of The Rugrats Theory Creepypasta.

Check on Wikipedia or other web sites.

A Creepypasta is a story that a person made up to scare and unnerve the reader. All creepypastas are fake, ALL of them. 100% . It is not an Italian Food, though it's easy to understand how you mistook it for a food.

No they are not. You would probably hear them on the news if they were.

no it is not how would he know the words of warning

Marble Hornets isn't a type of flying insect. It is a scary YouTube series revolving around the creepypasta character Slenderman. If you like scary things or creepypasta, I strongly suggest you watch it.

That's A Though One Especially For Finding Out In The Deleted Scene And Many People Argue About Disney Or Creepypasta. It's Uncertian What It Was Made By, Some Say It's Creepypasta Because They Had Left For Dead Screams And Reversed Music. However Many People Say It's Disney But They Are Probably Talking About The Start Of The Cartoon. I Would Say Creepypasta Because It Has A VERY Scary Deleted Scene And Also, Disney Did NOT Know Russian And They Did NOT Reverse Music.

Yes, her resone is that she kidnaps children and kills them for amusment.

According to the log on CreepyPasta, it was deleted on the 28th August by an administrator of the wikia and moved to TrollPasta.The administrators probably feel it belongs better on TrollPasta than CreepyPasta.Click here to see the former Laughing Jack page, now replaced for a deletion notice.Click here to see the new location for the story on TrollPasta.

That is an opinion question.Some people might like vocaloid better than creepypasta and some people could think the opposite but in my opinion vocaloid is better but if you don't feel the same that's fine.

a gory creepypasta and shouldnt be read. it is a grimsdark fanfic

Those in the experiment suffered. Read the creepypasta.

BEN version is for a game called MAJORAS MASK. There is a story of it on creepypasta.

Probably not, the character was created for a creepypasta contest on the message board 'Something Awful'.

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