What is Portuguese word for man?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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homem, plural homens

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Q: What is Portuguese word for man?
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What does muchacho mean in Portuguese?

"Muchacho" is a Spanish word, not Portuguese. In Portuguese, the equivalent term for "muchacho" is "rapaz" or "menino," both of which mean "boy" or "young man."

What is the Portuguese translation of the Italian word 'Mangia'?

Come! is a Portuguese equivalent of the Italian word Mangia!Specifically, the word is the imperative form of the present infinitive comer in the second person singular. It means "(informal singular you) eat!". The pronunciation will be "KO-mee" in Portuguese and "MAN-dja" in Italian.

What is the meaning of the Portuguese word 'stag'?

Stag is not a portuguese word.

What is the Portuguese word for lady?

The Portuguese word for lady is "senhora."

What is the word plain in the Portuguese language?

The word "plain" in Portuguese can be translated as "plano" or "simples".

What is 'Keefe' in Portuguese?

KEE-fee is a Portuguese pronunciation of 'Keefe'. It isn't a word in Portuguese. A Portuguese speaker tends to apply Portuguese pronunciation rules to this non-Portuguese word.

Where is the Portuguese man-of-war's mostly found?

The Portuguese Man o' War is Carribean.

What is the plural form of the word Portuguese?

The plural form of the word "Portuguese" is "Portuguese." It remains the same in both singular and plural forms.

What is the Portuguese word for quickness?

The word quickness in portuguese is velocidade or rapidez.

What does the Portuguese word 'Bues' mean?

There isn't such word in the Portuguese Language.

What is the Portuguese word for slave?

The Portuguese word for slave is "escravo."

Word for Mrs in Portuguese?

The word for Mrs in Portuguese is "Senhora".