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Q: What is Preheating vegetables in boiling water or steam to prepare them for freezing is known as?
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What does blanching a vegetable mean?

Blanching is most commomly used to prepare vegetables for freezing. It is simply scalding, boiling or steaming a vegetable briefly - a couple of minutes - to stop enzymatic action before freezing, but without actually cooking the vegetable.

How do you prepare asparagus for freezing?

You blanch it then vac-pack it.

How do you prepare pigeon peas for freezing?

To prepare pigeon peas for freezing, you will first need to wash them. Let them dry well and place in a Ziploc bag, making sure to release all the air.

How do you prepare carrots for lovebirds?

We use a food processor to prepare our vegetables but you can easily use a cheese grater for your Carrots.

What is the best way to prepare food in a survival situation SERE 100.2?


How do you prepare stew?

By chopping up the vegetables and putting them in a pot with seasoning.

Is there a possibility that boiling water with soap or detergent will explode?

Do it, and prepare to pick soap out of your nose.

How do you prepare a nutritious dish?

Start with nutritious ingredients like fresh vegetables.

What is in a Ireland Christmas dinner?

people of ireland will boil ham and prepare vegetables.....

How do you prepare spaghetti noodles?

Boil a pot of water wait until its bubbling and the put the noodles in the pot and when you are finish boiling out whatever sause you ar eusing to make your noodles

How do you prepare Demineralised water?

The most efficient way to demineralize water is by distillation, boiling it and recondensing the steam.

How do you prepare the nutrition month program?

You can prepare for a nutrition month program by preparing healthy foods for breakfast and lunch. You can have healthy items on the menu such as fruits and vegetables.