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Michael's kids name are: Prince Michael Jackson ,Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II .

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What is Percy Jacksons middle name?

His middle name is Achilles

What is Andrew Jacksons middle name is what?

Andrew Jackson does not have a middle name.

Who is prince screws?

MiChael Jacksons maternal grandfather . The name was changed to Prince Scruse.

What is Mahalia Jacksons middle name?

Her middle name was Shelia, pronounced "Shell-yuh."

What is randy Jacksons middle name?

His full name is Randall Darius Jackson

What is Paris Jacksons middle name?

Paris Michael Kathrine Jackson.

Who is Prince Jacksons friend on Twitter?

Nobody, Prince does not have a Twitter.

What is Andrew Jacksons middle name?

Andrew Jackson is his full name. His nickname is, ""Old Hickory."

What is the name of Michael jacksons lions?

Prince and Paris and one of his lion died named Joseph

What is a good middle name for Cory?

A good middle name for Cory is prince.

What was Andrew Jackson Jacksons middle name?

He did not have a middle name. He would have been Andrew Jackson, Jr., if his father had still been alive.

What is Prince Khan's middle name?

His full name was Prince Ali Salman Aga Khan.

What is Prince Zuko's middle name?

He has no middle name; Asian names typically do not have middle names as it is a Western custom.

What is Jacksons real name?

Jacksons real name is Jason earls Jacksons real name is Jason earls

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