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The Royal family name is Windsor.

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Where is the last name Williams from?

Williams last name came from Prince Williams

How long did the Royal Air Force last?

The Royal Air Force has lasted since 1918 and still exists.

Who were the last five members of the royal family to divorce?

Princess Anne Princess Margaret Prince Andrew Prince Charles

Who was the last prince killed in battle?

The last heir to a royal throne to die in battle was Prince Wilhelm of Prussia. He was killed in the Battle of France on May 26, 1940.

Why is Prince Charles last name Windsor and not Mountbatten?

Because that is the royal family's surname

What is Prince Charles and Prince Williams lastnames?

Charles and William both belong to the house of Windsor, therefore, that's their last name.

Will Prince William's last name be Middleton after he marries kate?

No, Kate will be called Her Royal Highness Princess of Whales. That or longer. The royal family does not take the last name from Bride.

What is Prince Williams last name or surname?

Technically HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge's last name is Mountbatten-Windsor, However he frequently uses Windsor or Wales

What is Prince Charles first middle and last name?

Prince Charles full first nanes are Charles Philip Arthur George. Royalty do not have last names or surnames but instead are said to belong to a Royal House. Charles belongs to the Royal House of Windsor.

Who was the last royal in line to the throne to marry a commoner?

Um... If it was before Prince William I think no one.

What is Prince Williams full name including last name?

William Arthur Phillip Louis Windsor.

What is Prince William's real family name?

Queen Elizabeth runs the Royal House of Windsor, and Windsor is the family's (including Prince William's) last name.

Does Prince William have a last name?

Since he is a royal, no last name is used other than "Wales" when one is called for, but his real last name is Mountbatten-Windsor.

What time does Cinderella's royal ball begin?

According to the bell tower in Cinderella, the royal ball starts at 8pm. The last word spoken to Cinderella to the Prince at the ball was goodbye.

Is It Prince Henry Or Henry Prince His Name From first to last?

Prince Harry, son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, has the full names: Henry Charles Albert David. His proper style and title is: His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales

What is the last name of Prince William and Prince Harry?

Although Royals don't tend to use a last name, in the instance of a marriage, for example, Prince William's last name is Mountbatten-Windsor. This is the surname of all descendants of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II (excluding females who marry). The name Mountbatten-Windsor derives from the Royal surname Windsor, decided in 1917 by George V. Before this, the Royal surname was technically Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but due to anti-German sentiment after WWI, the decision was made to change the royal surname to Windsor. In 1960, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip decided to create a surname for their direct descendants, incorporating the surnames "Windsor" and Prince Philip's previous surname, "Mountbatten." Therefore, Mountbatten-Windsor is the surname of all male (and unmarried female) descendants of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II; this includes Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. Because Prince Harry and Price William use the title Prince, they do not use the last name Mountbatten-Windsor. They use the surname Wales because they are the sons of the Prince of Wales.

What is Prince Philip's last name?

Prince Philip's surname is Mountbatten. He was born on 10 June 1921 to parents Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg. During World War I, his family changed their name from Battenberg to Mountbatten to separate themselves from the German name. At birth he was: His Royal Highness Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. After his marriage to the Queen he became: His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

What was Princess Diana's last name after marrying Prince Charles?

Spencer- but if you mean the family name of the Royal Family- when they need one, it is Windsor.

How do you get a royal title?

Be born into, marry, or some how join a family of nobility like commoner Kate Middelton did when she married Prince William of Wales last year and becam Her Royal Higness The Duchess of Cambridge

What is the duration of The Last Prince?

The duration of The Last Prince is -2700.0 seconds.

What will be Prince William and Kate Middleton's surname after they are married?

This is to be declared on the day of the wedding, but usually the Royal Family does not take the last name. Instead, she will be addressed as something like, "Her Royal Highness, Princess William of Wales"

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