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Q: What is Queen Ifrica's favorite colour?
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What was Queen Victorias favorite colour?


What was Mary Queen of Scots favorite colour?


What is Queen Elizabeth II's favorite colour?

Red! Just think! :)

What is Queen Elizabeth 3 favorite colour?

GOLD PINK purple

What was queen Isabella's favorite color?

Her favourite colour was green.

What is queen victorias favorite colour?

No one knows for sure, but historians think it is black or grey.

What is queen Victoria favorite colour?

Yellow, Pink, Red or Purple.

What are queen elizabeth 2's favorite colors?

The favourite colour of elizabeth is most probably yellow.

What is Queen Victoria's favorite Colour?

Nobody knows for sure but historians say it is purple

When was Queen's Colour Squadron created?

Queen's Colour Squadron was created in 1943.

What is Nick Jonas's favorite color?

Nick Jonas's favorite color is blue.His favorite colour is baby blue! very nice colour (:His Favorite colour is blueNick Jonases favorite color is blue.

What is neilsen's favorite color?

his favorite colour is pink

What is Josh Hutcherson's favorite colour?

joshhutcherson ' s favorite colour is light lime green

What is the Queen's favorite animal?

Queen Elizabeth II favorite animal is a horse.

What was queen Victoria's favorite thing?

Queen Victoria's favorite thing was chocolate

What is queen Victorias favorite food?

Queen Victoria's favorite food was sausage.

what your favorite colour?

My favorite color is Blue and Green!

What is Liam Neeson's favorite colour?

His favorite color is blue.

What was Pythagoras favorite color?

Pythagoras' favorite colour was purple

What are Queen Elizabeth's favorite foods?

Queen Elizabeth favorite food was pea soup.

What is jensen ackles favorite colour?

what is jensen ackles favourite colour?

What is chris browns favorite colour?

its sooo gotta be green his favorite colour is acctualy red(:

What colour hair did queen Victoria have?

she had brown

What are a polar bear's favorite colors?

They have no favorite colour.

What is Shakiras favorite color?

Her favorite colour is black.