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R. Kelly

What is R Kelly married to?

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Who is r kelly married to and are they still together?

Is r kelly married

Who is R. Kelly married to?

Andrea Lee Kelly

Is R. Kelly living with his wife?

R. Kelly and his wife Andrea are no longer married.

Is R Kelly married to k Michelle?

No, as of this date, they are not married, although K Michelle regards R Kelly as her mentor, and he was the one who got her a recording contract.

Is R. Kelly really married?


Does R Kelly have a girlfriend?

R. Kelly is married to Andrea Lee with 3 children Jaya, Joanne, and Robert Jr.

How long were R. Kelly and Aaliyah married?

they were never married it was just a rummor

How old was Aliyah when she got married to r kelly?


Does r kelly have kids?

Yes, performer R. Kelly does have kids. He has one daughter and two sons. He was married for 13 years but is now divorced.

Who was Aaliyah spouse?

She was married to R. Kelly, but the illegal marriage was annulled.

Was Aaliyah Dana houghton a virgin?

no she was'nt because when she was 15 she was married to r kelly and they only got married to have sex with him but it was'nt her fault r kelly allegedly married her because he was known in the industry for having a sweet tooth for younger woman

Are rachel Taylor and trevor kelly together?

no they r only in a band together they r bolth married

Is Kelly Kelly not maryed?

Kelly Kelly is not married and has never been married

Did R. Kelly try to get married to a 14 year old girl?

R kelly did not try to get married to a 14 year old. He did, however urinate on a 14 year old girl. people said that he try to go and married a 14 year old... then what did he do.

What does 'R' stand for in ''R. Kelly''?

R Kelly is the stage name for Robert Sylvester Kelly.

Is Kelly kelly Married to Stone cold steve austin?

Kelly is not married

Is Lisa kelly married?

She is married to Traves Kelly.

Is kelly Holmes married?

Kelly Holmes is not married

Did R. Kelly and Aaliyah have a child together?

No, they did not have children. They were not married either these were just rumor's.

Did r kelly die?

is r kelly died

How many times has r kelly been married?

R.Kelly has been married twice. His first wife was the singer Aaliyah, then he married a lady name Andrea.

Who is kelly rowland married to?

Currently Kelly Rowland is not married.

Who is Kelly Tilghman married to?

As of 2016, Kelly Tilghman is not married.

Is WWE kelly kelly married?

Kelly Kelly is not married, but she is dating Canadian Ice Hockey Player, Sheldon Souray.

Is R. Kelly married?

He was married to a woman named Andrea Lee, but they are divorced. They have 3 children. He's also been married to Aaliyah, but the marriage was annulled.