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Q: What is Ralph's reaction to jack and the hunters acting out the pig kill. What does he do?
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When jack and the others roll a rock into the sea what is Ralphs reaction?

Ralph is angry

What is Ralphs reaction when he encounters the Lord of the Flies?

he kicked down the head of the sow and took the stick to use as a weapon against jack

How do you get one million dollars?

i don't know ask jack ralphs or Jason ralphs they'll know

What is Ralphs atittude toward Jack?

he likes Jack at first but then hateshim when Jack becomes savage.

What are ralphs oppositions for getting him out of the thicket?

Jack and his hunters try two strategies. Jack first had a boulder from the top of castle rock sent crashing into the thicket with the intention of either killing Ralph or driving him out of hiding. When this failed Jack then lit a fire, hoping to smoke Ralph out of the thicket.

Who accompanies jack to steal fire from ralphs group?

Maurice and Robert.

How does jack continue to challenge ralphs leadership?

because he wants to be leader himself

Who challenges ralphs leadership by saying you cant hunt you cant sing?


What does Jack have the hunters do to samneric?

The hunters torture Sam and Eric until they agree to join Jack's tribe.

In the lord of the flies what is jack and Ralph's relationship?

it was in a very bad conditions as jack had created his own tribe and was trying to sabotage ralphs tribe

What does jack volunteer his choir for?


What is the ISBN of Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters?

The ISBN of Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters is 0-7851-2629-5.