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What is Randy Orton's middle name?

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His full name is Randall Keith Orton.

This is also the meaning behind his finisher, the RKO

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What is Randy Ortons middle name?


What is WWE's randy ortons' middle name?

His name is Randal Keith Orton

What is randy ortons wife name?

Randy Ortons wife is named Samantha Speno!

What is randy ortons twitter name?

His twitter name is also Randy Orton

Randy ortons real name?

Randal Keith Orton

What is randy ortons sons name?

He does not have a son only a daughter.

Randy ortons theme song called?

randy ortons song is called voices in my head

What is randy ortons theme song called?

Randy ortons theme song is called voices

What is Randy Ortons real name?

Randy Orton July 16, 2008 Randall Keith Orton

Who is randy ortons girl friend?

Randy doesn't have a girlfriend he has a wife and her name is Samantha and they have a little girl

Who sings Randy Ortons entrance theme song?

Randy Ortons theme song is titled " Voices " By: Rev Theory

What is randy ortons parents name?

His Father's Name Is Robert Keith Orton And His Mothers Name his Elaine.

How old is randy ortons daughter?

randy ortons daughter is born on the 12 of July 2008 so she is 1 and a half XD

Who is randy ortons wife?

Randy Orton's wife is Samantha Speno

What is randy ortons Facebook account?

Randy Orton does not have a Facebook account

What is the name of randy ortons entrance theme?

Randy Orton's theme song is called "Burning Inside My Light" by Mercy Drive.

Who is becky orton?

she is randy ortons sister.

What is the name of randy ortons song?

His theme song is called "Voices" and it is by the band Rev Theory

What does randy ortons tattoo say?

His tattoes say his kids name and i think his wife too.

Randy ortons email?

Randy does have email, but it is for family and close friends only!

What does Randy Ortons RKO stand for?

RKO stands for Randy Killer Orton

Randy Orton theme song?

Randy ortons song is called voices

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