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What is Reflex and instinct?

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Reflex - is an automatic response that happens at the subconscious level

Instinct - is a type of behaviour that is reflexive in nature, relying on un-learnt responses to given stimuli

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The innate behavior of a rhino instinct or reflex is it reflex or instinct?

what is a rhino job's in the grassiand

Is blinking a habit a reflex a conditional response trial and error learning or an instinct?

It is a reflex for it is involuntary and voluntary.

What is the difference between instinct and reflex?

a reflex is how you react to something. if i wak u in the face, u will obviasly slap me back. instinct is like listning to ur gut. does that help? haha...

What is the adverb for instinct?

There are two different adverbs.The noun instinct has the adjective instinctual, which has the adverb form instinctually (with regard to instinct or instinctual behavior).The derivative adjective is instinctive, which has the adverb form instinctively (done by instinct or reflex, as in responding instinctively).

Why do you breathe without even thinking about it?

Breathing is a reflex reaction you are born with. It is like an instinct to breathe.

What is the sucking reflex?

Newborn babies are born with the instinct to suck. It is often called a reflex because when you place something close to their lips, they will begin to seek out that thing. It is also called a rooting reflex. In infants that are born early many do not have this reflex yet. It is a way of the infant to find a nipple.

How many natural born instincts are humans born with?

a. Babinski effect b. Rooting instinct c. Sucking reflex d. Grasping reflex e. Moro reflex They are also born with some basic preferences for taste and smell

How are reflexes and instinct help organism survive?

Reflexes and instinct help organisms survive by acting in ways to protect themselves without thinking about it. Instinct behaviors could be spiders web-spinning, social behaviors and courtship behaviors. Reflex behaviors would be sneezing, yawning and shivering.

Compare and contrast instincts and reflexes in animals?

An instinct is a complex pattern of innate behavior.A reflex is an automatic response that does not involve a message from the brain

What are newborn baby reflexes?

root reflexsuck reflexmoro reflextoric reflexgrasp reflexbabinski reflexstep reflex

Is the knee-jerk reflex a simple reflex stretch reflex or a spinal reflex?

spinal reflex

Instinct or instinct s30?

of course the instinct s30

What reflexes do babies have?

root reflexsuck reflexMoro reflextoric reflexgrasp reflexbabinski reflexstep reflexhehehe there so cute i love babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What type of reflex is salivary reflex?

The salivary reflex is a type of autonomic reflex. This is a reflex that occurs automatically and unconsciously by the brain.

Is reflex action and reflex arcs are same?

Reflex arc is the path for reflex action.

What reflex is the patellar reflex?

It is a stretch reflex in your knees.

What kind of reflex is a patellar reflex?

Stretch reflex

Is a gag reflex a somatic reflex?

No, a somatic reflex are the reflexes of the skeletal muscle movements. The gag reflex is considered to be an autonomic reflex.

What are the difference between reflex arc and reflex action?

Reflex arc is the path of reflex action. Reflex Action is action it self

Which reflex is important for maintaining muscle tone?

the stretch reflex.stretch reflex.stretch reflex

What is a instinct?

instinct is natural calling or voice. instinct is similar with intuition.

Is the Achilles reflex a somatic reflex?

Yes it is a somatic reflex.

Is the patellar reflex an extensor thrust reflex?

No, its a stretch reflex.

What type of reflex is pupillary light reflex?

autonomic reflex

Why does reflex happen?

Like all animals, humans have a natural instinct to protect itself from pain. so if someone fakes a slap to your face, you'll naturally move away to prevent/reduce pain.