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spinal reflex

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Q: Is the knee-jerk reflex a simple reflex stretch reflex or a spinal reflex?
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What monitors muscle length and sends an impulse to the spinal cord to initiate the stretch reflex?

What monitors muscle length and sends an impulse to the spinal cord to indicate the stretch reflex

Can the first element of a simple spinal reflex be motor neuron?

Why not? Who are you to judge? Hater!

What structure controls simple reflexes?

Reflex responses are controlled in your spinal chord, not in your brain (;- your welcome

What is responsible for the integration of simple responses to certain stimuli such as the patellar reflex?

spinal cord

The knee jerk reflex is an example of a?

A reflex is a rapid, involuntary response to a stimulus. A reflex arc is the pathway traveled by the nerve impulses during a reflex.Most reflexes are spinal reflexes with pathways that traverse only the spinal cord. During a spinal reflex, information may be transmitted to the brain, but it is the spinal cord, and not the brain, that is responsible for the integration of sensory information and a response transmitted to motor neurons.Information is sent to the brain but that takes awhile longer. It is best if you remove your hand from the fire as fast as possible and not wait until the brain yells "hot, hot!".

What is spinal reflex therapy?

Spinal reflex therapy is a neurological soft tissue procedure that gets powerful and reliable results. You can learn more at Spinal Reflex Institute's website.

What control reflex?

spinal cord

What is the difference between a simple spinal reflex and a complex reaction?

Simple spinal reflex is when the afferent receptor synapses directly with an efferent neuron and subsequently an effector cell/tissue. This will all take place in the spinal cord. A complex reaction will involve an intermediary interneuron or even the brain for 'processing' before synapsing with an efferent neuron and target tissue.

CAN reflex action controlled by spinal cord?

Simple reflexes are controlled by the spinal cord. The message travels from the sense receptors near the skin through the afferent nerve fibers to the spinal cord. In the spinal cord, the messages are relayed through association neurons to the efferent nerve fibers, which carry them to the muscle cells that cause the reflex movement.

What controls a reflex?

spinal cord

Where are the spinal reflex centers located?

In the gray matter of the spinal cord.

Identify the components of the spinal reflex arc?

your spinal reflex is controlled ny the nerve going from the spine to the brain in 1941 Anthony madrado die from slow spinal; reflexes