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Q: What is Robert Kennedy's speech impediment?
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What is a sentence using impediment?

If Jim has a lisp, then he has a speech impediment.

What is a sentence using the word impediment?

Davy has a speech impediment The country's debt has been an impediment to development. A speech pathologist will work with that little girl who has a speech impediment. After the doctor received the million dollar grant from the university his research continued without further financial impediment.

What is Robert F. Kennedys main purpose in his speech about Martin Luther Kings assassination?

Too inform the public of what had happened

What is a sentence with impediment?

War is one of the greatest impediments to human progress. Lack of confidence is an impediment to success. He suffers from a speech impediment:

What is a good sentence for impediment?

If a car stops in the middle of the road, it is an impediment to the drivers behind it. I speak with a lisp, therefore I have a speech impediment

Did Julia child have a speech impediment?

Julia Child did not have a speech impediment. However, she had a distinctive, lively way of speaking that was a result of her enthusiasm and passion for cooking.

Was Robert E. Lee's dad tortured?

He was brutally beaten by an angry mob while trying to defend a friend. He developed a speech impediment as a result of his injuries.

What was Robert Kennedys religious views?

He was a Catholic.

Can you give me a sentence using the word impediment?

His fear of public speaking was a major impediment to his career advancement.

What is a four letter word for speech impediment?


Which british king had a speech impediment?

George VI

If blessthefall are Christian why do they swear?

Consider it a speech impediment.