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Lord Montague.

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Q: What is Romeo's father's name?
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What was romeos sweetheart name?


What is the name of romeos advisor?

Friar Lawrence

What is lil Romeos name?

romeo miller

What is the name of lil romeos little sister?


Romeos last name?

Romeo was a Montague

What is the name of romeos comicle friend in romeo and julliet?


What is Romeos last name is it Montuage or Montesquieu?

Montague Montesquieu was a philesophe.

What is Romeos mothers name?

Lady Montague. She doesn't have a first name in the play.

What is romeos middle name?

i, dont believe so. ive looked, not really.

When was Romeos created?

Romeos was created in 1989-03.

What is Mary Kingsley's fathers name?

Her fathers name was George Kingsley.

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Ciara's fathers name is Carlton Harris.