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romeo miller

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Q: What is lil Romeos name?
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What is lil romeos e mial?


Whats lil jons name?

lil jon's name is Jon Little...

Who is Lil Wayne's brothers name?

is lil Wayne lil twist brother

What is Lil Phat's name?

Lil Phat's actual name was Melvin Vernell, III.

What really is Lil Wayne's sister's name?

Lil Wayne's sister's name is Anita Carter.

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What is lil romeos e mial?


Who are Lil Romeos musical influences?

bow wow

What is lil romeos phone number?

nunya bizness

What is Lil Romeos favorite song?

Baby- Justin Beiber

What is lil Romeos real name?

Percy Romeo Miller, Jr.

What is lil' Romeos cell number?

well i got his number from NUNYA BUSINESS

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Friar Lawrence

Romeos last name?

Romeo was a Montague

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What is the name of romeos comicle friend in romeo and julliet?