What is Rowdy Roddy Piper's Piper Pit?

Piper's Pit was an interview segment featuring Roddy Piper which was mainstay on WWF television from 1984 to 1987, although Piper also hosted similar segments while wrestling for other promotions. Piper's Pit returned during Piper's short return to the WWE in 2003. The segment also made a return in 2005 at WrestleMania 21 interviewing Stone Cold Steve Austin, the night after Rowdy Roddy Piper was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Since then, the Piper's Pit segment has continued to make occasional appearances. Memorable moments * Piper smashes a coconut shell over Jimmy Snuka's head. * Piper and bodyguard "Cowboy" Bob Orton kidnap The Haiti Kid after a match and shave his head Mr. T-style on the Pit set. * In a Pit emanating from Madison Square Garden, Piper playing mind games with his guest Mr. T, showing some rather humorous cartoons of what the star of the A-Team may look like after their main event at WrestleMania. * On a special Pit on Saturday Night's Main Event, Piper berates and betrays "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff in the wake of their recent loss to Mr. T and Hulk Hogan in the main event at the first Wrestlemania. Piper then tries to jump Orndorff, but is beat to the punch. Orndorff goes off on both Piper and bodyguard Orton, then attempts to piledrive Piper but is blindsided by Orton and his cast from behind. * For home video only, Piper is on the set interviewing his all-time favorite guest, himself, using the merged-screen technique. * Adrian Adonis changes gimmicks on the spot, foregoing his leather jacket that embodied his bad-boy biker personna for the more flamboyant, borderline homosexual gimmick that he would take on for the remainder of his World Wrestling Federation tenure. * Special guest '80s pop star Cyndi Lauper attacks Capt.Lou Albano and Piper himself after hearing enough insults from Albano. Funny note: Piper kept calling Albano, "Albino" throughout, and this completely goes over Albano's head. * Piper interviews jobber Frankie Williams, tells him that he's worthless and beats him up. This is where Piper coins one of his famous quotes: "Just when they think they've got the answers, I change the questions." * A newly turned face Piper, while engaged in a violent feud with "Adorable" Adrian Adonis, is brutally attacked and knocked unconscious during the infamous "Flower Shop vs. Piper's Pit" showdown by Adonis and former Piper allies Bob Orton Jr., and Don Muraco who then proceed to destroy the set. A crippled yet enraged Piper would gain revenge by destroying Adonis' "Flower Shop" set a week later. * In a highly-emotional Pit, Piper announced his "retirement" because he couldn't bear to hear his children begging him to stay home. He stood on a table to get a better look at the cheering fans, thanked them for supporting him, then took the photo and painting of himself off the back wall of the set and quietly left. * Uninvited guest Jimmy Hart insults and distracts Piper as Adonis comes out of nowhere to make a surprising return from a previous Piper attack to ambush the Rowdy One, causing a brawl on the set. With Hart's help, Adonis would eventually get the better of Piper, rendering him unconscious with "The Goodnight Irene" sleeper hold. To add insult to injury, he put a flower in Piper's mouth before he and Hart walked off-set. * Andr