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What is Russia like?

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I visited St. Petersberg (Leningrad) when I was working on a project in Estonia in July 1997. I found the city to be much bigger than I expected with rows and rows of LEGO-like low rise appartment buildings. The standard grid pattern of the streets made almost every street look the same, but the government buildings and the former Soviet buildings were absolutely stunning (I highly recommend a visit to the summer palace - the works of art are so plentiful you will need to spend several days to fully appreciate it).

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Q: What is Russia like?
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In Soviet Russia, Jews kill YOU!

How many countries are found in Russia?

Russia is a country in Asia. There are no countries in Russia, as Russia is not a continent. Russia has difference provinces just like America or Australia.

Why did Russia fight the Germans?

The Germans invaded Russia in 1941.Like They Were Not To Do

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winters in russia are long and cold winters!!!!

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IN 1924 Russia was Communist for 6 years. If that's what your asking

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Russia Is The Largest Country. Its Sort Of The Size Like United States.

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Like Turkey, Russia has land in both Europe and Asia.

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Because Russia have industries like other countries.

What is the landscape in russia like?


What was Russia like in 1750?


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It looks like a shape

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There are no "countries" in Russia, Russia itself is a country. There are however, oblasts and republics which are act sort of like states in the US.

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Russia has large areas of tundra which is similar in some ways to a desert. However, Russia has no true deserts.

What was Russia like before communsim?

Russia was under a Tsar. One being Ivan the Terrible

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