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What is Russian orthodox god called?


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Russian Orthodox is a Orthodox branch of Christianity they would call god God the same as any other Christians in the world

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The head of the Russian Orthodox church is called the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. He is His Holiness Patriarch +KYRILL I. He is the spiritual leader of all Russian Orthodox Christians in Russia, which is the largest body of Orthodox believers in Russia today and is known as the Moscow Patriarchate. The Russian Orthodox church plays an important and major role in Christianity throughout the entire world.

Absolutely! You will never attend a Russian Orthodox service, hear a Russian Orthodox prayer, or talk theology with a Russian Orthodox Christian without Christ. His resurrection is the very basis of everything we Orthodox Christians do.

Russian Orthodox is a denomination of Christianity.

Russian Orthodox is not a place so it is not located anywhere.

The Russian Orthodox Church does not ordain priests.

Serbian orthodox, Russian orthodox and Greek orthodox are all essentially the same thing. The only difference is the language in which the service is done.

The Russian orthodox is part of the eastern orthodox beliefs I don't think there is significant difference between the two.

Russian Orthodox, is referring to the Eastern Orthodox Church of Christianity or Judaism, were in Russia, the main religion is Russian Orthodox.

Russian Orthodox Cemetery in Nice was created in 1867.

Russian Orthodox Church in America was created in 1927.

orthodox christians in the fullest true sense, the house is called the house of prayer Orthodox Christians worship in the house of God, which is called the church of the living God (1 Timothy 3:15).

Russian orthodox. Greek orthodox. Coptic orthodox. Antiochia orthodox. Eastern orthodox. Ethiopian orthodox.

The current leader of the Russian Orthodox Church is Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow.

The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church is currently Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow.

The current leader of the Russian Orthodox Church is Nyan Cat

Russian Orthodox Church

Russian people are orthodox.

Around 70-75 Million people are Russian Orthodox.

The Russian Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, and Carpatho-Russian churches

Prince Vladimir embraced Orthodox Christianity as the religion for the Russian people in 988 AD.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord was created in 1921.

Russian Orthodox Exarchate in Western Europe's population is 100,000.

Russian Orthodox Exarchate in Western Europe was created in 1931.

She is Eastern Orthodox. More specifically, Bulgarian Orthodox. Not Russian Orthodox, Bulgarian Orthodox.

Yes, the Eastern Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and Russian Orthodox churches and their members do.

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