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What is SAS?

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Genraly S.A.S is special Army force in Great Britain. British S.A.S and S.B.S hailed as the best Elite force in the world.

S.A.S stands for: Special Air Services.

S.B.S stands for: Special Boat Services.

SAS is also a name of.....

SAS is software where in they can use it in their domain and it is comparitively easy to learn as SAS® is neither a menu-driven nor a command driven application. Rather it relies on user-written scripts or "programs" that are processed when requested to know what to do. more details from...

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Best SAS training chennai?

Based on 2013 statistics, the best SAS training in Chennai is the Greens Technology in Adyar. It is world-class certifies in SAS training for base SAS, advanced SAS, clinical SAS, and analytics.

What are the essential server in sas?

The server that are essential to sas is sas workspace server and metadata server

List all relevant standard publish by Nigerian accounting standard board?

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In which company sas is used?

in which company sas is used?

How tall is Sas Goldberg?

Sas Goldberg is 5'.

What is 'sas'?

sas are the best fighting unit in the world bar none the british sas train the American special forces and cia They are the Special Air Service

What is the latest version in sas?

The latest version in SAS is 9.1.3.

Can you play paintball in a SAS loadout?

What are you saying a SAS loadout is.

When did Ferenc Sas die?

Ferenc Sas died in 1988.

When was Ferenc Sas born?

Ferenc Sas was born in 1915.

Who is better the German KSK or SAS or Navy SEALS?


What is SAS Group's population?

SAS Group's population is 2,008.

When was Bert Sas born?

Bert Sas was born in 1892.

When did Bert Sas die?

Bert Sas died in 1948.

When did Sas of Moldavia die?

Sas of Moldavia died in 1358.

When was SAS Institute created?

SAS Institute was created in 1976.

What is SAS Institute's population?

SAS Institute's population is 2,010.

What is the population of SAS Institute?

The population of SAS Institute is 11,920.

When was Sas Carey born?

Sas Carey was born in 1945.

What is the most elite armed force in the world?

The British SASThe Australian SASThe US Navy Seals/Delta ForceThe New Zealand SAS1st the U.S.A Navy Seal //Incorrect, Correct List Above2nd the British SAS3rd the Australian SAS4th the New Zealand SAS

What has the author Rick Aster written?

Rick Aster has written: 'Professional SAS programming secrets' -- subject(s): SAS (Computer file) 'Professional SAS user interfaces' -- subject(s): Data processing, SAS (Computer file), Statistics, User interfaces (Computer systems) 'Professional SAS Programmer's Pocket Reference' -- subject(s): SAS (Computer file) 'A Look At SAS Files'

What are the automatic variables in sas?

_N_ and _ERROR_ are the automatic variable in sas

Sas zombie assault 2?

Yes there is a sas 2. at

What is the American equivalent of the SAS?

The closesest thing the US has to the SAS is Delta Force

Are sas shoes made in US?

Yes, SAS Shoes are made in the USA