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What is SOS about?

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SOS means Save Our Ship, which is a distress signal used obviously by ships in distress at the ocean.

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On myspace what does SOS mean?

SOS is save our souls SOS is save our souls

How do you get out of the freezer in SOS island?

you have to into the sos

Shape with no straight edges?

hey gees jkd like ooo ooo SOS SOS SOS SOS lol =]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]]]]]] not lol =]==]=]]=]=]=]= damn

How do you make SOS?

Write SOS on the sand

Where do you shoot the bottle of wine on SOS?


What is the birth name of Sos Sargsyan?

Sos Sargsyan's birth name is Sos Artashesi Sargsyan.

How can you get SOS in toontown?

You get an SOS toon by winning a vp.

What song does that come from Im sending out an SOS?


What is the full form of SOS in medicine priscription?


What does 'SOS' mean in the Jonas Brothers song SOS?

some one special ITS SAVE OUR SOULS!

Who wrote the song SOS?

Nicholas Jonas wrote SOS!!!

What does sos mean in texting?

SOS means Save Our Souls.

When was The SOS Band created?

The SOS Band was created in 1977.

What does a sos indicate?

SOS is a signal in Morse system for help.

How do you get in the SOS ship the third time?

There is no such thing as an "SOS ship".

When was Apple SOS created?

Apple SOS was created in 1980.

What do you mean by SOS basis?

The letters SOS are the international distress call in Morse Code (. . . --- . . . ).An 'SOS basis' is an 'emergency basis'.

When is the signal 'SOS' used?

when you need help such as, your stuck on a island and u spell out SOS in the sand or ground

What are the release dates for SOS Island - 2013 SOS 1-22?

SOS Island - 2013 SOS 1-22 was released on: USA: 26 November 2013

What does SOS stands for in the SOS children's villages?

Answer SOS - "save our souls" - originally a Morse signal, internationally adopted in 1906 (1908)

What did SOS replace?


When was SOS written by the Jonas Brothers?

SOS was written around 2005.

What does quien SOS mean in English?

quién sos = "who are you"

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