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that is her pen name. S.E. Hinton is her pen name.

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What was s e hintons significance?

she was an author and she started to write after her father died.

What is the title of S E Hintons shortest book?

I think it is Big David, Little David a children's book

What is s. e. hintons hobby?

S.E. Hinton has a hobby and her hobby is writing books. She has written and published about 10 books.

What name is famous in Norway?

Espen E-S-P-E-N (Es-Pen) is a name that is famous in Norway (Check other websites to make sure its right)

What is the origin of saki?

Hector Hugh Munro, who wrote under the pen name of saki. Under the pen name saki , taken from the cupbearer in Omar Khayyam s Rubaiyat.

What did they use to write with in the 1700's?

feather pens The actual name is a quill pen, for it was the quill end of the feather (i.e the boney piece that goes into the skin of the bird), that was sharpened to form a pen

Can you make a word out of b o q n s p e?

its can either be nose, bone or pen or, pose

Is the name James a vowel consonant e word and is the s a suffix?

The name James is a vowel consonant e word but s is not a suffix.

W h a t i s a n e g a l e s n e s t n a m e?

the name of an eagles nest is eyrie :) hope i helped you

What can be admired about Frederick Douglass?

that he has two "e"s in his first name and two "s"s in his last name. and he was an abolitionist and an author

What has the author Susan E Meyer written?

Susan E. Meyer has written: 'Landscaping on the new frontier' -- subject(s): Landscape irrigation, Natural landscaping, Native plant gardening 'America's great illustrators' -- subject(s): Illustration of books, Illustrators, Biography 'How to draw in pen and ink' -- subject(s): Technique, Pen drawing, Drawing 'Watercolorists at work' -- subject(s): Technique, Watercolor painting 'James Montgomery Flagg'

How do you find a pen pal?

www.interpals.net You can email or snail mail your pen pal(s).

How do you spell Ellen's last name?

DeGeneres D-E-G-E-N-E-R-E-S

How do you spell Beyonces name?

Beyonce Giselle Knowles is how you spell Beyonce's name

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* E coli * S typhi

Who is e 40's wife?

Her name is Tracie

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