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Who was Sally Hardesty?

Answer She is a fictional character in the movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Even though the movie says it's "inspired by a true story", both Tobe Hooper's original 1974 film and the 2003 Marcus Nispel remake are only lightly based on the real-life murderer Ed Gein, who is suspected to have ta ( Full Answer )

Who are the girls with Sally Fields in the Boniva commercials?

\n. \nThey are actresses. My daughter played her grandaughter in a Boniva commercial playing Twister. Hasn't come out yet.\n. \nDid the actress playing Twister go to first grade in Moreno Valley? She looks like a student I had in my class a couple years ago in Moreno Valley at North Ridge Element ( Full Answer )

Does the actress sally fields have a glass eye?

Sally Field ( singular) is an actress noted for the Tv comedy the Flying Nun. I have never heard of this even rumored. Many actresses wear specs off-screen some are very sensitive about this, others, Like Sophia Loren, have even lent their name to designer specs. ( designer specs originated with Coc ( Full Answer )

Is Sally Field a lesbian?

Sally Field has not officially said she is a lesbian. She is anadvocate for women's rights.

What was is cyclone Sally?

Cyclone Sally was a tropical cyclone that passed through Rarotonga a number of years ago.

Who is Sally on sonic?

Sally Acorn is the princess of mobius and leader of the freedom fighters She loves Sonic? The Answer it's yes. Sometimes they stop but they love eache other (They are married and have two kids - Manik Acorn an Sonia Acorn) They aren't married at all. That was just a possible future.

Has Sally Field won an Academy Award?

How about two? Sally Field won the 1979 Best Actress Oscar for her performance as the title character in "Norma Rae." She won the award again for her work in the 1984 drama "Places in the Heart." She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress of 2012 for her portrayal of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln ( Full Answer )

Is sally fields married?

Sally Margaret Field was born in Pasadena, California, on November 6, 1946. She married high school sweetheart Steven Craig in 1968, and was divorced in 1975. They had two children: novelist Peter Craig, and actor/director Eli Craig. She married film producer Alan Greisman in 1984, and was divorced ( Full Answer )

How many children does Sally Field have?

Sally Field has 3 boys. Two from her first marriage and another son from her second marriage. One of the sons is Peter Craig a novelist and Eli Craig a director(the fathers name is Steven Craig) and the third son's name is Sam the fathers name is Alan Greisman. She also has three grandchildren!!

What psychological disorder does Sally Fields have?

In an interview with People Magazine (month/year I don't remember) Mrs. Fields said she has suffered from anxiety disorders for most of her life. At times this the anxiety of severe enough to effect her personally.

Who is the father of sally fields children?

Husband: Steven Craig (construction contractor, m. 16-Sep-1968, div. 1975, two sons) Son: Peter Craig (novelist, b. 10-Nov-1969 with Craig) Son: Elijah Craig (actor-producer, b. 25-May-1972 with Craig) Husband: Alan Greisman (film producer, m. 15-Dec-1984, div. 1993, one son) Son: Samu ( Full Answer )

Name of Sally field movies?

The Way West 1967, Maybe I'll Be Home In The Spring 1970, Home For The Holidays 1972, Sybil 1976, Stay Hungry 1976, Smokey and the Bandit 1977, Heroes 1977, Hooper 1978, The End 1978, Norma Rae 1979, Beyond The Posieidon Adventure 1979, Smokey and the Bandit 2 1980, Back Roads 1981, Absence Of Malic ( Full Answer )

When did Sally Field die?

According to my sources, including Dead or Alive info.com, Sally Field is alive at the time of this writing.

What breed of dog is in the Boniva commercials with Sally Field?

It looks like at least part border collie, maybe a border/golden cross. The body shape, markings, etc. look like a border only a bit bigger. Good-looking dog! (Is it Ms. Field's dog? They certainly look like good friends.) *** I think he's got some Great Pyrenees in him - mixed with Border Colli ( Full Answer )

Does sally fields have children?

Sally does many TV ads playing with her grand children while selling Calcium tablets. Truth in advertising would preclude false testimony and the big Pharmaceutical paying the bills would cringe at having a lie used to sell their pills. Could be she s a step granny I guess.

How many Oscars has Sally Field won?

As of 2013, Sally Field has been nominated three times, and she has won two Oscars She won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for: Places in the Heart (1984) She won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for: Norma Rae (1979)

Where is Sally Layd?

I am pursuing my other career as a recording engineer with myhusband Michael who is also an engineer. We are opening our ownstudio in June in Los Angeles, I've never been happier or moresuccessful in my life. Thank God I got out when I did, the adultindustry is falling apart and nobody means anythin ( Full Answer )

What is a nickname for Sally?

Sally was originally a nickname for Sarah in Britain and England. Nicknames for Sally are "Sal", "Ally.

Did sally fields play 2 parts in Forrest gump?

No, Sally Field played only the role of Forrest's mother. Not correct. Sally Field played Forrest's mother AND was also dressed as a male reporter when Forrest was running across America.

What is the role of religion in the field of medicine?

Doctors currently play the role of that priests and shaman played in earlier societies, except that doctors are mostly stone materialists. Currently, religion plays little to no role in the thinking and policies of the field of medicine. There may be grieving rooms in hospitals, but this is pretty m ( Full Answer )

Did Sally Field ever play Gidget?

Yes, in the one season ABC TV show 9-15-65 to 9-1-66. The series is available on DVD and was her first big role. More details available on the link below.

Did Sally Field say 'You like me You really like me' during an acceptance speech for Best Actress?

No. The line is often misquoted, what Field actually said as she accepted the Academy Award for Best Actress (1984 - Places in the Heart) was: "I haven't had an orthodox career, and I've wanted more than anything to have your respect. The first time I didn't feel it, but this time I feel it, an ( Full Answer )

What is a Sally boat?

A Sally Boat is a small narrow boat used in canals. Mostly used in Europe.

Who was Sally Lunn?

She was a French refugee who arrived in England over 300 years ago and invented the Sally Lunn bun, which is a type of teacake.

For what film did Sally Field win the Best Actress Oscar when she cried You like me in her acceptance speech?

It happened on March 25, 1985, moments after Sally Field was announced as the Best Actress of 1984 for her performance in "Places of the Heart." It was her second Oscar win, following her 1979 Best Actress award for "Norma Rae." "The first time I didn't feel it," she said. "But this time I feel it, ( Full Answer )

Who was the sallied in the Mayflower?

The ship that brought the English Colonists to New England in 1620 was not at all like the cruise ships that many people travel on today. Mayflower didn't have private cabins with windows and beds for each person. There were no TV's, air conditioners, fancy meals, shops, or swimming pools. Traveli ( Full Answer )

Was 'Mustang Sally' about Sally Ride?

Nope, 'Mustang Sally' was recorded in 1965 by Mack Rice. Sally Ridedidn't become and astronaut until 1978. She was still a young teenwhen that song came out. Duh.

What were the two movies for which Sally Field won Oscars?

Sally Field won Best Actress awards for her performances in "NormaRae" (1979) and "Places in the Heart" (1984). She was nominated forBest Supporting Actress of 2012 for her performance as Mary ToddLincoln in Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," but she did not win.

What is Sally Fields best known for?

Sally Fields is known for having parodied herself by saying "You like me, you really really like me." The line was said in a Charles Schwab commercial.

Where is the headquarters of Sallys?

Sally's Beauty Salon headquarters is located on 1016 Walter Rd in Bonneau, South Carolina 29431. The headquarters for Sally's Beaty Supply is located on 3001 Colorado Blvd in Denton, Texas 76210.

What is Sally Fields most well known for?

Sally Fields is best known as an actress. Born in the US in 1946, Sally Fields has had a career encompassing singing, acting, directing, producing and screenwriting.

Did Sally Field win an Oscar for Lincoln?

No. Although two-time Best Actress winner Sally Field was nominated for her supporting role as the wife of the 16th president in Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," the award went to Anne Hathaway for "Les Misérables."

Is sally a noun?

Yes, "sally" is a noun, a singular, common noun. The word "sally"is also a verb. As a noun, sally may mean " a sudden rush forward." As a verb, sally may mean " to suddenly rushforward." The name "Sally" is, of course, a proper noun.

What movie and television projects has Sallie Anne Field been in?

Sallie Anne Field has: Performed in "The Kenny Everett Television Show" in 1981. Played Mrs. Knowles in "The Bill" in 1984. Played Paula Chivers in "The Bill" in 1984. Played Girl Punk in "Return to Waterloo" in 1984. Performed in "Big Deal" in 1984. Played Sophie Kent in "The District Nurse" in 198 ( Full Answer )

What movie and television projects has Sally Field been in?

Sally Field has: Played Herself - Guest in "Today" in 1952. Played herself in "Today" in 1952. Played herself in "Disneyland" in 1954. Played Herself - Co-Host in "The Mike Douglas Show" in 1961. Played herself in "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1962. Played Beatnik girl in lineup in "M ( Full Answer )