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The Norwegian version of Santa Claus is called "Julenissen" or "Jule nisse." The name means "Christmas Elf" (Jule or Yule being the classic name for the Christmas holiday).

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Q: What is Santa called in Norway?
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What is Santa Claus called in Norway?


Does Santa give out presents in Norway?

If you are good santa will give out presents in norway.

When did Santa Claus appear in Norway?

Santa Claus would appear in Norway when you were sleeping nicely...

Who delivers the presents in Norway?


What does santa ride to Norway?

A sledge

How does Santa in Norway?

Very well!

What do people in Norway call Santa?


Who brings gifts in Norway?

Julenissen (Santa)

How does Norway say Santa Claus?


How is Santa Claus said in Norway?


Who brings presents to children in Norway?

Santa Claus.

What is Christmas called in Norway?

Christmas in Norway is called "Jul".

What are people called from Norway?

People from Norway are called norwegians. On norwegian they are called "nordmenn".

How many more countries until Santa comes?

That depends on where you live. Right now Santa is in Bergen, Norway.

What are the traditional boy outfits called in Norway?

It is called a male Bunad in Norway.

Who brings gifts to kids in Norway?

Santa Clause, in norwegian: Julenissen.

What is the northern third of Norway called?

The Northern part of Norway is called "Nord-norge". That literally means "Northern Norway".Northern Norway (moderator: it's the truth -that's what it's called!)

What are the citizens of Norway called?

The citizens of Norway are called Norwegians, which means "Nordmenn" in Norwegian.

What is a tram called in Norway?

The tram in Norway is called the T-Bane but there is another one too called Trikken.

What is the name of the Scandinavian Santa?

Sweden: Jultomten Denmark: Julemanden Norway: Julenissen

How long has Norway been called Norway?

Norway has had a name since around the 9th century (early viking period) when it was called Norðrvegr.

What are the people of Norway called?

The people of Norway are known as Norwegians.

Do they grow Blackberrys in Norway?

Yes, in Norway they are called "bjørnebær".

How do you say Norway as in people?

The people of Norway are called Norwegians.

What is Santa called in the UK?

Santa, or Santa Claus