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Several sources show that there is essentially no water on Saturn. Therefore no humidity.

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What is the average humidity on Venus's?

the average humidity on venus is about 70%

What is the average humidity on the moon?

The average humidity on the moon is about 13 grams. The humidity on the moon is not affected by the temperature.

What is the average humidity in Tacoma WA?

average humidity is 60% in Tacoma.

What is the humidity average in Dallas tx?

what is the average of humidity in Dallas, Texas

What would be the average humidity on mercury?

no humidity

What is Neptune's average humidity?

there is no humidity due to no water.

What is the average humidity level in Hawaii?

this is the current humidity

What is the average humidity in nashville tn?

Nashville Tennessee has an average humidity of 70% over the year.

What is the average humidity in baton rouge la US?

Average Relative Humidity: Baton Rouge Relative Humidity (Morning) 89% Baton Rouge Relative Humidity (Afternoon) 62%

What is Jupiter's average humidity?

There is no humidity on Jupiter. This is because there is no water on the planet which is needed to produce humidity.

What is Antarctica's average humidity?

Average humidity on the Antarctic continent is less than five percent: it is a desert.

What is the average of humidity and temperature combine?

You can't average temperature and humidity, because they have different units. You can average their numbers, but that result has no meaning.

Does Jupiter have a average humidity?


What is the average humidity on Pluto?

Having no atmosphere, Pluto would have a humidity of zero.

Saturn has a average of what temperature?

Saturn has an average temperature of negative 285 degrees Fahrenheit.

Would the average relative humidity on a rainy day be closer to 100 percent humidity or 50 percent humidity?


Is there humidity on Saturn?

This is a question that we don't know. With further research though, we might find out!

What is the average humidity in the Amazon?


What is average humidity on Jupiter?


What is the average humidity level in the Amazon?

the average level of humidity in the Amazon rain forest is 50 - 260 inches of rainfall yearly

What is the average humidity in Tel Aviv?

The humidity in Tel Aviv varies throughout the year, as seen below, but the effect of humidity is different according to the temperature. The hotter it gets and more humid, the less comfortable it becomes.Following are average temperatures for Tel Aviv on every month of the year*:JanuaryAverage Temperatures: 10-17 Centigrade = 49-63FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 52-82%FebruaryAverage Temperatures: 10-18 Centigrade = 50-64 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 49-85%MarchAverage Temperatures: 11-19 Centigrade = 53-67 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 50-82%AprilAverage Temperatures: 14-23 Centigrade = 58-73 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 49-80%MayAverage Temperatures: 17-25 Centigrade = 63-77 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 55-82%JuneAverage Temperatures: 21-28 Centigrade = 69-81 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 60-84%JulyAverage Temperatures: 23-29 Centigrade = 73-85 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 62-83%AugustAverage Temperatures: 24-30 Centigrade = 75-86 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 60-82%SeptemberAverage Temperatures: 22-29 Centigrade = 72-85 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 57-80%OctoberAverage Temperatures: 19-27 Centigrade = 66-81 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 53-82%NovemberAverage Temperatures: 15-23 Centigrade = 58-74 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 47-79%DecemberAverage Temperatures: 11-19 Centigrade = 52-63 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 51-82%cited from:

What is the average humidity in Tennessee by month?

Nashville, Tennessee's climate receives an averageof 1148 mm (45.2 in) ofrainfall per year, or 96 mm (3.8 in) per month. ... The average annual relativehumidity is 56.4% and average monthly relative humidity ranges from 51%

What is the average humidity in Florida in May?

The average humidity in Florida in May is about 70 to about 75 percent. This increases in the mornings and decreases by late afternoon.

What is the average humidity in Fort Wayne?

Summer months bring a lower humidity average of around 50 percent. This can raise to an average of 65 percent during winter months.

What is Mars average humidity?

150 C

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